Thursday, February 9, 2012

Part of the process?

Okay, so it's crazy, but I'm hoping that while I'm crocheting little treats, like these...

I may come to a decision about the layout for my Orange Twirl Quilt.  All the blocks are sewn, but I'm not sure if I'm completely satisfied with the arrangement of them.  I think it's because I've thrown in a few extra orange prints (in order to have enough fabric to make this lap sized) - ones that maybe grab the eye too much?  My goal is have your eyes travel the quilt, see the contrast, recognize that there's a pattern and still find it interesting - in a cohesive but not boring way.   I don't want one area to overwhelm another... which can happen when you have fabrics that read bolder than others (which is why I limited the use of brown in this quilt... your eye is immediately drawn to that fabric).  Let me say, that I do enjoy the challenge to find an interesting balance when I lay out fabrics for a quilt, but sometimes this part of the process takes more time before I feel that I have it.   So I realize I need to just step back from working on it and see what strikes me when I look at it.

That being said, it seems working out my quilt's layout, involves diverting my creative energy into other projects. ;o)

 I whipped up some teeny crochet hearts and then I grabbed a couple of granny blocks and played around with adding chocolate brown as the background colour.  A colourful diversion, which I hope leads me  to deciding the final layout for my quilt.

What do you do when you're trying to decide how to finish a project? Do you just push on through - no hesitations?  Do you step back from it for awhile to give yourself fresh eyes to find the solution?  Or do you step back and start working on other things, hoping the answer will come to you?  Just wondering.....


  1. There are some oranges that catch your eye,!!! May be they catch your eye too much.......

  2. I do think that the best way to get the *right* placement is to put them up on the wall and when you happen to glance at them, your eyes will tell you what works and what needs to be rearranged! Like - when you walk into the room in the morning and spot them -- OH MY!! That reddish orange block should be over there -----> and that citrus orange one should go right_in_this_spot <---- THERE! Now it's perfect!

    Pretty hearts and granny squares!

  3. I always leave it for a day or two if I'm struggling...your first two columns seam to work better than the other two. The blue at top of the 3rd column and the brown in the last column seem to stand out too much.
    Otherwise i'm loving this quilt. Will you enter the challenge?

  4. This is awesome gorgeous! I find looking at a phot helps to see it most clearly...even better than on a design wall.

    That one piece of orange and yellow largish flowers prints on the right really grabs and hangs my eyeball (the good one and the bad one). But I still love it loads!


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