Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Polka Dots and Pattern Drafting

Doesn't feel like Tuesday today.  I guess that's because yesterday was Family Day here in Alberta, so now I'm one day off this week. ;o)  I do wish that extra day to the weekend meant I accomplished more sewing, but it didn't.  Instead I enjoyed a long weekend of family time, which I cherish.

Anyways, with so many WIPs stacking up around here, I shall divert you with the contents of a pretty parcel that I received.  Almost a month ago I was one of the lucky few to take part in a charm swap featuring polka dots, over at Craftbuds.

 Look what arrived in my mailbox!
  Glorious dots in a rainbow of colours and sizes... all from Sew Fresh Fabrics.   Many thanks to Peg and Becca for cutting, packaging and posting all these lovely fabrics from their lovely fabric shop to the homes of every swapper.   Wow.   I'm loving that I have 2 charms of 28 different dotted fabrics to play, admire, create with!  This swap was so well organized... I wonder if they could be convinced to do this again... they have some dotted fabrics that didn't get chosen for this swap and who wouldn't like more dots?

Speaking of creating... nothing finished to share with you as I've been busy drafting some designs for quilts and some sewing patterns.   I've managed to whip up a couple of prototypes too, but they are staying under wraps for now.  Those need some more tweaking, so more prototypes will be made.  Things are getting a bit messy in the sewing room as more fabrics are being pulled from the stash, including some scrappy bits in hopes that some of these newly drafted ideas will soon be made into something share-worthy. ;o)

Maybe the short work week will lead to some break-through finishes?  Fingers crossed....


  1. Beautiful bright fabrics to cheer up a greyish day. One in which there was no holiday for us British Columbians. Sigh. But next year we apparently get one. Yippee! A holiday in February seems like a very good thing to me.

    I'm looking forward to the day you reveal what you've been working on!

  2. Hi Kathrine! You have so beautiful fabrics! It will be enjoy to work with all those polka dots!
    Happy sewing! x Teje

  3. Sounds like you have some creative chaos going on there. ;-0 Have fun!!

  4. Oh, LOVE those dots! And that part of your post after that ... well, what a TEASE! What's that curious looking little pile of orange pieces there?????? I want to see closer!

    And now I will put up with word verification just for you!

  5. Got to ask...what is this family day? Has Canada added national holidays?

  6. Love the dots - have you thought about what you might use them for? I had a peek at the swap details @ Craft Buds - that's a great way to do a swap - and it eliminates the problem of people signing up but not following through!


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