Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Inspiration

If a picture is worth a thousand words... then these inspiration mosaics should get you racing to buy some gorgeous solid fabrics and start creating!
While I wait for my fabrics to arrive, so I can begin my first project for Sew into Solids,
 I keep searching online for solids only projects.  I thought I'd share some of my finds with you. ;o)

1. Baby quilt, 2. breeze, 3. quilt show, 4. Rainbow Wave Quilt WIP

Pretty amazing, aren't they?

1. Quilting Done, 2. pink mini quilt, 3. FTLOS2 - small items, 4. Crop Circles - Embroidered Mini Art Quilt

The second mosaic shows how great solids work for small projects... from pillows to mini wallhangings and pot holders.  What better way to dive into working with solely solids? 
I know I'm going to make some small projects once I have my quilt underway. ;o)

1. ghinsu variation, 2. Mod Mood Quilt, Summer 2010, 3. City Lot, 4. Solids quilt

Oh, the colours!

1. The Tempest - quilting closeup, 2. city fair, 3. Color Study: Wave ~ 2003, 4. Paletas Quilt - texture

 I would say that my search has shown me the diversity that is possible.  Much more than I ever thought of when I considered working with solids.  Traditional block designs look great in only solids, but solids also shine when used for modern and freestyle quilting designs.

I hope I'm not overwhelming you with my mosaics.  I'm looking to inspire you!
Now that I've shown you what can be done... how would you like me to give you a little more help by way of a fantastic quilt along that is perfect for solids?

Sandi, over at Piecemeal Quilts is currently hosting the Ironwork*Quilt Along. 
 It seems as if we planned our separate sew alongs to compliment one another!
 Follow Sandi's quilt along and you will have your project for joining Sew into Solids. Brilliant, yes? ;o)

Please go see the Ironwork* Quilt Along, grab some solids and join in! 
 I was so impressed with her detailed pattern - very user friendly.  Plus, Sandi has a PDF of the cutting directions, allowing you to print out the instructions, to ensure you get the most out of your fabric when you're at your cutting table... and she even shows alternate colourways for her design (which will get your creative juices even more stirred... you may want to make one in every colourway! You have been warned....;o) Click here to see). 

Now I know you're feeling inspired... maybe you'll want to grab our button and join us?

Sew into Solids

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  1. Thank you for featuring my cushion cover. Amazed by some of those other quilts!

  2. They are AMAZING, the breeze one and the solid quilts one are my favorite.
    And yesterday I found on the web a foot for my bernina,foot number 57 that is an inchfoot with sewguide. Exactly what i was looking for. i immediately ordered it.....


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