Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Solid Inspiration... only a click away...

Thought I'd keep the inspiration for Sew into Solids flowing with a few links, suggestions and mosaics.  I find Flickr to be an endless source for getting my creative juices stirred.

 Here are a few groups you can hop over to visit:

 Fresh Modern Quilts (there are some great solids only quilts here),

 Solid Bee Block (check out traditional and modern blocks sewn with solids only),

 For the Love of Solids Swap (check out a variety of projects sewn using only solids).

 The really fun part begins with  checking out these groups, then you discover that many of the individuals contributing have more projects sewn in only solids - they're only a click away!

Solids look great as pillows or as sewing machine covers

1. pillows for my partner, 2. Mod Mosaic Pillow, 3. side 1, 4. FTLOS - sewing machine cover, side views

Mini quilts made solely from solids carry impact and interest.  Oh, the variety!

1. A la manière de Vasarely..., 2. Solid Values patchwork quilt, 3. Circles #1, 4. FTLOS - Mini Quilt

The simplest blocks look intriguing when sewn with solids.
1. 2 in 1 quilt, 2. Boy Zig Front, 3. Birds of a Feather ~ Quilt, 4. Simple and Modern Quilt

A sample of blocks  in solids.  The only limit is your imagination!

1. Modern Blocks - Box Kite alternate, 2. Emma's Trip Around the World, 3. spiderweb for jess, 4. Partner! Here's your mini quilt ready for quilting!

Did something spark your interest?  Are you seeing the possibilities you have when you choose solids?   I know I am!  I'm looking at solids with a fresh eye.  They have taken a backseat to prints in my stash, but after browsing the images of projects created by others in solely solids, I'm rethinking my stash habits. lol   I definitely want to start stitching up projects with solids.  How about you?

  Jane and I are both excited to be sharing this adventure with you and we're here for you.  We want to cheer you on as you step into the wonderful world of sewing with solids, so please join us and share what thoughts you may have on Sew into Solids (our Flickr group).  We'd love to hear from you!

   We're gearing up to show our choices for pattern and colour starting on Monday (here and over at Jane's) and hope you're on your way to selecting a pattern and colours as well.    Meantime,  would you like some more inspiration to help you?


  1. Oh MY I love that orange and pink mini-quilt!

  2. Love every single one. I am trying to challenge myself to one of these weekly quilting projects! I gotten to the place where I have to shrink the Marimeko fabric that I have had stashed away for 3 years. And no, they aren't solid. But I am getting closer.
    so glad you are there to nudge us on!

  3. Whoohoo, this collection is bursting from inspiration. I love all the pictures. Who could resist to get her rotary cutter on those solids? Thank you for sharing this wonderful examples!

  4. You've got some lovely inspiration there!

  5. I love the idea of a solids quilt!! They all look so beautiful. I very rarely think to buy solids......I should think about it more now:)

  6. Great post!

    I had the first of my solid fabrics arrive today...the rich red and it is LOVELY! I can't wait for the other colours to arrive so I can see if they work together!

  7. Thank you Katherine! I just found your blog and I see plenty of great colors!

  8. Thanks for including my sewing machine cover.

  9. This is a lovely collection of projects, thank you for including mine.

  10. I have participated in both of the Love of Solids swaps and have really enjoyed working with just solids!

  11. M'dear....

    It's been sooooooo long since I've been by. The days fly too fast and we're working part-time at nights (helping hubby)... and so my usual blogging space is shifted.

    All that to say... what a treat to be back and to see all your colourful works! OH MY Goodness!


  12. OOOhh la la!! Who knew solids could be so beautiful?! I love your photos and inspiration! Can't wait to see what you create with solids!

  13. What a super post I love those solidquilts, but i have so many projects in mind!!!!!!!! The pictures you show are fabulous. I wish I could join you but I am too busy with other projects.....

  14. What a super post I love those solidquilts, but i have so many projects in mind!!!!!!!! The pictures you show are fabulous. I wish I could join you but I am too busy with other projects.....


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