Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brighten up a dark spring day...

Grab some bright cotton yarns, a crochet hook and

 make some flowers!

While you listen to the pitter patter of raindrops.


  1. I made sure to take the clothes off the clothesline last night because it sure did LOOK like we were going to get rain! It's coming tonight, apparently --- good - the gardens went in yesterday so we need some rain to give things a kick-start!

  2. What a great rainy day activity. There's been a few days of that around here, too (rain, not making flowers). But it's good for the plants I transplanted on Saturday.

  3. Im not a crocheter, but your flowers are too cute. I love your quilt too! Great rain shot!

  4. We finally get some sun, so it rains on you. Not fair.

  5. Hi Kathrine! Your blog is beautiful and has so nice summer feeling! I would love to sit outside and crochet, but ...
    Your new quilt with blue solids is going to be fantastic! You have the courage to make even the binding with many colours
    x Teje

  6. Just love rainy days, as long as I'm indoors with my dogs and kitties.
    I love the birdy bag and pink quilt on your blog header, too beautiful.
    I looked to see what you were selling on your store and was hoping to find a cell phone cover and or nook cover.
    I've got a little Tracfone SVC for seniors, with the bigger keys and letters on the screen, so I don't have to wear my specs when making a call.
    I find my grand kids and I have scratched the screens of our phones and should rather keep them in a cover in future.
    I find the hi-tech covers in the shops rather dull and lacking in imagination and color.

  7. I'd say that is a perfect way to brighten up a dull rainy day!


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