Thursday, May 31, 2012

A pop of scrappy colour for my bed...

in the form of granny square pillows.  This plump pair are not my usual toss cushion size. 

Inspiration for making these mini grannies came from Jolene - thanks Jolene!
 (click here for her block tutorial)

It's so gratifying to be able to use those tiny bits of treasured fabrics.  You know how much I love me a good ole scrap busting project! lol

I pieced 1.5" squares to make my mini grannies.

I'm loving all those bright colours! 

No two blocks are alike!
Self made piping and flanges frame the grannies, adding a simple finish to the pillows.
The  new pillows are the beginnings of a makeover for our bed linens.  There's a king-size quilt in the works, plans for some mini quilts to adorn the walls and oh-my-goodness a few more things.  Big plans. ;o)  At least I'm off to a happy start.  Can't help but smile when I see these pillows.  That's one WIP I can cross off my list!

Looking at these makes me want to dive back into my scrap bins and make more of these charming little blocks!

P.S. *If you love gorgeous fabrics like I do, I have to tell you about my friend Randi's online fabric shop.  This week, she's celebrating 4 years of business with giveaways and a 20% discount to her shop.  Join in the celebrations by visiting her blog to find out more.


  1. These are absolutely darling! I'm curious though...your block construction looks a little different with the 3 white blocks in the corners...did you make them differently to the original?

  2. Adorable. You can never go wrong with a white has a vintage quilt look which I love. Beautiful as always:)

  3. These two scrap bustin' pillows are absolutely delightful! If this is the indication of your makeover in progress, you are going to have an awesome room!

  4. I've never seen such tiny grannies. Your pillows are lovely! Your room is going to be gorgeous.

  5. love the piping, the pillows the colour...well everything...

  6. Spectacular pillows and they are trimmed in the perfect color to compliment the little squares.
    How long did it take to make one square.
    I almost have all my material ready to make my quilt but time to do it is not right just yet!

  7. I love them! That kind of block has been calling for me, I only wish the days were longer...

  8. OG Katherine, your work is so amazing perfect and so lovely and all those plans..... Do you sleep at night or are you sewing????

  9. your pillows are gorgeous!! I've been telling myself that I need to do a granny quilt but I think I'm going to go big with mine. Everytime I see a granny project it pushes me a little closer to doing mine :)

  10. Hi Katherine! I love your pillows with small grannies! Good Luck! x Teje

  11. Fresh and perky! Love how you added the piping and flange.

  12. I just love these pillows. I did some squares this size against a black background. You just can't go wrong with granny squares!

  13. These are absoultely fabulous! And what a treat to have all those treasured bits included in a project that will always be close at hand (I can't stand tossing little bits either!). So nice.


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