Monday, May 14, 2012

Week # 10 - Sew into Solids

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day! 

 Monday has rolled around again, so it's time to share what I've accomplished on my  Sew into Solids quilt and find out how you're doing. 

It's almost a flimsy....  All the blocks are together and I've been working on adding scrappy-style borders.  I've got one more in the darker blues to add all the way around and it will be ready for basting.  Wahoo!

I have to admit that I'm happy to be finished making those blocks. Solids aren't as forgiving when seams don't line up - errors are much more noticeable, so I made sure to take my time with all the piecing to match seams as perfectly as I could.  At one point, I actually deliberated adding another row of blocks in length and width to finish the top, but decided to follow the pattern and add  borders instead.  I was unsure how the borders would look done scrappy style in only solids, but the look is winning me over.  It did mean that I had to find floorspace to lay it out though, in an effort to keep the value arrangement more random.

I've been enjoying this project so much and my love of solids has (much to my surprise and delight) grown.  I think I have a greater appreciation for the looks you can create with solids, ones that wouldn't be possible with prints.   However, I can relate to my friend, Jane ( go see her progress with her solids quilt),  and say that working with only solids has challenged me.  I tend to lean towards scrappy, just like her.  It has become my comfort zone and I've definitely had my moments on this solids project when I wondered if it was going to work out or not.  Then I would look at the beautiful solids projects made by others in our group (like Cinzia and M-R...), and I found my confidence to keep going.

  Further proof that solids have won me over, is that since starting Sew into Solids, I've been adding incrementally to my solids stash (and not to have them used exclusively as backings anymore... that's progress)! ;o)   Plus, I'm already getting excited thinking ahead to what I will make next in solids... once I complete this quilt, that is!

Okay! Time to visit others in the group.  Click the image below to visit our Flickr Group!

Sew into Solids


  1. WOW! WOW! It looks amazing! Congrats on such a beautiful on earth are you going to be able to give it to your son...I'd be wanting to keep it for myself!

  2. WOW it *does* look amazing! I think a final border of darker blues will be just right to "enclose" and finish the other blues - are you going to piece a backing for it? I can see adding a strip (or strips) of whatever scraps and bits and pieces you have left from the block piecing!

  3. Hi Kathrine! Your new quilt is very impressive! I love all the different blue colours and the pattern is amazing! x Teje

  4. This is beautiful. So much movement!

  5. What a fantastic quilt! I love all the blue shades, so well put together. Solids may be challenging but you did a great job.

  6. Oh wow Katherine, it's a proper stunner! I love the border

  7. That is an amazing quilt top. The blocks remind me of looking through a kaleidoscope... as I shift my focus to a different area of the quilt, the patterns shift.

  8. I already fell in love with this one but now that it's -almost- finished.. swoon!
    That border is just the perfect finish.

  9. This is a very dynamic it!


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