Monday, May 28, 2012

Week # 12 - Sew into Solids

Well, my update on my Sew into Solids project for this week is not as advanced as I had hoped to be sharing.
Who knew that the biggest challenge I would face in the making of this quilt, would turn out to be the quilting?  This week I managed to piece the backing and get the quilt basted, but I've gone no further.  I just can't seem to decide on the best way to quilt it.

I face a few obstacles in quilting this design.  A big one to consider is the bulk created where multiple seams intersect - I want to avoid quilting through those spots as the risk of messy, jerky stitching or thread breakage is more than likely.  I think knowing that whatever quilting I chose will be more prominent  because I'm quilting solids has me really wanting to get this right.  Mistakes will definitely be more obvious!

Now, I'm not a fan of "stitch in the ditch" quilting - so I'm not going with that and I will readily chose curvy stitching when dealing with a quilt pattern that is full of straight lines (which this top has in abundance!), but I'm still in a quandry.  What will best complement these blocks?  Do I go with loops, long curvy lines, waves, swirls or even concentric circles or.....???  Any thoughts or suggestions?

While I deliberate over how to quilt this I may just work on the  pillowcase I'm making from the scraps to go with this quilt.  Sometimes, shifting my focus helps me sort out a problem.

Better yet, ... let's go see how Jane did this past week with her quilt!  Then I'm off to see more progress from other members... you can see the latest pics from all of us on our Flickr group (click the button below).

Sew into Solids


  1. It’s such a beautiful quilt! I’m thinking circles, as a contrast to all the edged pieces, but... I have no clue on how to do that on a big quilt. I also love baptist fans... Good luck!

  2. I haven't made any progress again this week!! I am sooo behind! My only excuse is that I have made two quilts and I'm frantically trying to get ready for retreat!! [violins playing in distance...] Your quilt is gorgeous! I envision circles all over it - or straight lines!!

  3. Hi! Your quilt is just so beautiful! Difficult choice for quilting - perhaps I would try quilting long lines not in the stitch but for example both sides of seams. If I see well, you could avoid those thick places with many seams together. Good Luck! x Teje

  4. Your quilt looks amazing :-) I'm afraid I haven't posted an update yet...been enjoying basking in the sun too much :-) I did get all my 9 patches sewn and hopefully tonight I'll get an update up :-)

  5. It's so pretty - like water and ocean waves. Great job.

  6. I love the first picture showing all the pins.

  7. I'm a quilting chicken**** - I chicken out at the end and do SITD quilting 99% of the time - and I'm doing it on prints (front and back) so it's pretty much invisible - I know I need to branch out but I tend to go with what's easiest!

  8. i understand your dilemma Katherine! This is where i usually get stuck. I always revert to keeping it simple.


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