Monday, June 18, 2012

Grabbing some inspiration

I'm currently up to my eyeballs in projects, project ideas, pattern drafting, prototyping and block making. There are a few projects with fast approaching deadlines.  There's even a bit of "secret" sewing going on.  It's a wonderful kind of crazy! My sewing room looks like someone turned it upside down and then shook it ;o)  Add to the creative chaos, some wonderfully inspiring books (that I've been madly stuffing bookmarks into... always the sign of a GOOD book... the more bookmarks, the more WIPS that are being added to my list).  The first two titles listed below are new to me and the last two titles are "old" friends.  Is it any wonder with all this inspiration that my mind is rocketing around, bursting with ideas? lol

  Personally, I'm being tempted to throw every thing else on my list aside to dive into sewing projects from them! I think my next project for Sew into Solids is on the horizon....


  1. Are you trying to make me buy new books? Because I want them all now.

  2. Those are such great books! I have the first one and want to make everything in it :)

  3. I can't wait to see what you have in mind for your next Sew into Solids quilt!


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