Monday, June 11, 2012

What next for Sew into Solids?

Keeping count, this would make Week #14 for the Sew into Solids group that Jane and I started.  The weeks have flown by and I'm so pleased that we agreed to push ourselves to try sewing something with only solid fabrics and to open up our personal challenge to anyone that wanted to join in.  

  Sewing something with only solids, put me outside of my comfort zone.  I gravitate most easily towards combining prints with prints, with the odd dash of solids, but not solids on their own. Since I am also more motivated by scrappy style projects, I wondered if I could accomplish something  appealing with only solids.  I have great admiration for others that can! 

 Thankfully,  I found that there seems to be endless inspiration for solids only sewing projects and even better, there's an ever expanding range of colourful solids to choose from.   The growing line-up of manufacturers offering solids, makes it possible to find just the colour(s) needed.   Little surprise then, that I have begun  gathering more solid colour to enrich the choices I have for future projects.

Warm colours are now calling to me...not sure if that's due to the approach of summer or merely as a break from working with all those blues!  I figured that it would be smart to broaden my choices of colour for quilting thread (I love this collection of brights from Connecting Threads!) and to try a charm square sampling of colour (another great buy from Connecting Threads)
Now that my quilt, Blue Beginnings is complete,

I never knew I would have so much fun sewing with just solids or that the results would please me so much!

 I'm gathering ideas for my next solids project.   Here's a wee sampling of the inspiration from online, that has my attention. 

1. My'>">My Beautiful Mini Package, 2. solids'>">solids 2, 3. for'>">for the love of solids. sent., 4. DQS'>">DQS 10

 I'm undecided on what I will sew next, using only solids, but I'm certainly caught up in the power and possibilities of solids on their own.


  1. Your blue quilt is fantastic! I like all your inspiring photos for new projects - especially the one where is grey backround. x Teje

  2. I love that first collection of pictures...those threads are gorgeous!

    I had to laugh at your post title as my original one for this week was Sew into Solids ...What's Next? but changed it at the last minute...LOL Great minds and all that! :o)

  3. Awesome inspiration board - I'm still going with my solids...just not very quickly :) Will be doing a quilt back in all solids and hope to have that done in a week or so.

  4. Solids are so hot, they are just so much more versatile than prints.

    The circle of flying geese has been on my to-do list for a while; too many projects, too little time.

  5. ooh I have a stack of pinks just waitiing to be cut into!
    Can't wait to see your next project!

  6. Such inspiration! I love your blue quilt, Katherine -- so calm and soothing. Love that swirling loop quilting design! Hope you link up with TGIFF! this week -- it's at Brasier House ( I have a few more blocks to add to the Sew Into Solids flickr group - will try to do that this week.


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