Thursday, November 1, 2012

Counting down...

only 4 more sleeps until the start of UR Priceless!
  Click here to see who is sewing coin purses for the hop (it is our hop schedule).
Can you hear the whirring sound of my sewing machine? ;o)
I can hardly wait.
P.S. Have you seen the prizes Madame Samm has awaiting us???
 (if you leave comments on each of the blogs on the hop and you're entered to win!!!)
Hope you'll join us for some Priceless fun and inspiration!


  1. Katherine, you scared my hindquarters off when I caught a post just a moment ago ... awesome for your for being ahead of the game but dang it all.... that scheduler slip scared me!!! :) :) I love your blog header pears, way cool, and yes, I am working on some Priceless items and I will be ready .. just not today! :)

  2. Stupid me!!! I had in my head the first of november and my turn the 5th. I changed it on my blog!!! Thanks for your correction.
    I still have to finish one purse so I have some more days.....

  3. Scared me too! Especially since I haven't started yet! This weekend's project(s)!!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who freaked a little this morning. I was sure I had another week to work on my little purses--I'll be busy this weekend! Exciting!


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