Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something fun...

Remember this sneak peek I shared?
Here's another glimpse for you...
Would you like to see more? :o)
Then you'll want to sign-up with my friend,
Cindy, over at Fluffy Sheep Quilting
 Each month, Cindy sends out a newsletter containing shop updates and news, plus tutorials.
  I'm extra excited about this month's newsletter, not only did I finally try Denise Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy (thanks, Cindy!),  I also put together a tutorial showing something you can sew using those pretty fabrics from Fluffy Sheep Quilting.  Of course you can use any fabrics you chose... Cindy's shop has lots of lovelies to choose from and you would be hard pressed to find a nicer shop owner to deal with.  I had so much fun working with Cindy on this... she provided the fabric and I came up with the project.  I think I got the better end of the arrangement - pretty fabric, fun project and a new friend.  Sounds about perfect to me.
 Go to  Fluffy Sheep Quilting's homepage,
 ( the bottom right hand corner)  submit your email address so you can receive this free newsletter.
This month's newsletter will be sent out in the next couple of days... so you're not too late.  Hope you'll take a look a the shop and maybe my tutorial will inspire you to do a little shopping and sewing. ;o)


  1. That's beautiful! Did you quilt it yourself? If so, I'm so jealous!

  2. Hi!!! Glad to see you back having fun so quickly!!! I would need a breather but it is so much fun so can also be an the bunny!!! Hee hee Your sneak peak is very very pretty!! Love those fabrics!!! I will check it out...maybe I could do some trying out with fabric I have and then get some sweet fabrics after Christmas maybe!!! Thanks

  3. What a beauty! Show us more....

  4. So pretty! Love those fabrics.

    Kimberly :)


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