UR Priceless Blog Hop Schedule and Reminders

Hello Priceless Peeps,

The countdown is on ... only  2 days until the start of the UR Priceless Blog Hop!  I'm sure you're as excited as I am.   I can hardly wait for us to share all the lovely coin purses we've been busy sewing.  Yay!  Before that happens, I thought I would share a few reminders with you for your day on the hop and to make sure you have the amended schedule (there were some changes to be made as well as some typos in the first one - thanks for helping me with the editing! ;o). *Please use the updated schedule shown below for copying and pasting to your blog.

Here are reminders for your day on the hop....

1.  Please have your post scheduled to post at 12:00 am (midnight) Eastern Daylight Time, on your assigned day.

2. Please have word verification turned OFF on your blog. (You will get more comments if you do this, which is why we're asking that you turn it off for the hop)

3. Please have the UR Priceless Blog Hop button on your sidebar.

4.  Please include the list of bloggers that share the same day of the hop with you, in your post. (You will find the schedule for the whole hop at the end of this post.  Just copy and paste the names listed for your day in to your post - the links are included with each name on the list, for your ease).

5.  Feel free to have a giveaway on your day of the hop, if you wish - totally optional.
Of special note: this hop is different than previous hops which featured quilt blocks and we ask that no tutorials are to be shared on how to make the coin purses from the pattern that Madame Samm has provided for us.  The pattern was shared for FREE to all of us participating on the hop and is available for purchase for those not on the hop.

Please let your readers know that they can find the complete schedule by clicking the blog hop button  or you can include  this link on your post ( this shows the complete schedule for the hop).

7. Please remember to cheer one another on! (I know you are all so GOOD at this and thank you in advance ;o)

SPECIAL REMINDER TO ALL PARTICIPANTS THAT ARE NON-BLOGGERS... I need your post  and your pics (jpg format, please), sent to kag@telus.net  ONE WEEK PRIOR to your assigned day of the hop. Thanks so much!

To all of our fabulous Priceless Peeps... If you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact me.  I'm here to help! :o)

Day 1 - Nov. 5th

Quiltin' Jenny
Hill Valley Quilter
Loopy Lou's Adventures Into Handicrafts
Just Let Me Quilt
Lixie Makes It
Sunshine, Handmade
Buzzing and Bumbling
Needled Mom
The Slow Quilter
A Quilting Sheep
I Have A Notion

Day 2 - Nov.6th

The Crafter's Apprentice
Jane's Fabric and Quilts
Rosemary B
Random Thoughts..do or "di"
Mary T.
Supermom No Cape
Lily Pad Quilting
Stitch, Stitch, Stitch
Rose Creations
The Treehouse
Gracie Oliver Arts
Quilting Prolifically
Grammie Q's

Day 3 - Nov. 7th

I Love Wool
I Like to Quiltblog
Keep Your Fork There's Pie
Retired to Quilt
From This to That
Jenny E.
Domestic Deficit Disorder
Pig tales and quilts
Count it all Joy!
Creative Notions

Day 4 - Nov. 8th

as sweet as peaches
Deborah B
Birgit H
Fish Creek Studio
A Quilter's Table
Lily Patch Quilts
Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio
Mary F
Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm
The Desert Rat Chronicles
Sally K
Paris at a Certain Age
From Blank Pages
Quilt Taffy
Barb H

Day 5 - Nov. 9th

Polka Dot Classic
Geta's Quilting Studio
Busy Bee Free
Briarside Lane
Quilts and Dogs
Debbie R
suebee's World
Les passions de Cliodana
Colorpoint Quilter
On the Go Quilting
Personalized Sketchesand Sentiments
Freemotion by the River

Day 6 - Nov. 12

Read, quilt, cook, pray...
The Learning Curve
Bacon Then Eggs
Nati's Little Things
by Mary
Feltfree på Åsly
El Patchwork de la Abuela
Amy's Crafty Shenanigans
Maryjo J
s.o.t.a.k. Handmade
Janice M
throw a wench in the works
Everyone Deserves a Quilt
A Stitch in Time
Sew Me Something Good

Day 7 - Nov. 13

Julia P
Dachsies With Moxie
Marci Girl Designs
The Sunflower Patch
Wish upon a star
Mary on Lake Pulaski
Greco Mara
Linda M
Mack and Mabel
Dreaming in Patchwork
Judith Handmade Treasures
Caesarea Scrappers
Patchouli Moon Studio

Sew We Quilt


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