Monday, November 5, 2012

UR Priceless Day 2

Amazing!  On day one of the hop... 48 pins... wow.   
 Goes to show that when you have a great pattern (thanks, Madame Samm!), the creative opportunities are endless.  I find those opportunities exciting... which may explain my fabric/thread/notions addictions... lol (I freely admit that sewing is a passion of mine... and  I adore making purses... okay, now anyone on my gift list may  easily guess what I'm making them ;o).
  Care to venture a guess how many coin purses we will see today? ;o)
I think day 2 will top day one... I'm guessing 55 new coin purses... 
Okay, I can't wait to find out...
Are you ready for today's Priceless line-up? 
 Let's go cheer these ladies on...
Day 2 - Nov.6th

The Crafter's Apprentice
Jane's Fabric and Quilts
Rosemary B
Random or "di"
Mary T.
Supermom No Cape
Lily Pad Quilting
Stitch, Stitch, Stitch
Rose Creations
The Treehouse
Gracie Oliver Arts
Quilting Prolifically
Grammie Q's

Ur Priceless!

Looking for the complete hop schedule?
It's here.
Looking for the pattern so you can sew your own coin purse?
It's here.

P.S. Madame Samm will be pinning all the coin purses from each day. There is also a giveaway for this hop sponsored by Andover Fabrics... check it out!


  1. Yaa!!! I think you might be right!!!! I think today might go as much as 62!!!! Hee hee well it is fun to guess!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

  2. Its going great, I just looked at them all alot of young ladies went all out and made some really exciting additions and its all inspiring. Great Job, I didnt do this hop, I am under construction but wanted to support my new friends I made on Dots to Dots..


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