Friday, January 18, 2013

Fur-Flying Finish for Friday! ;o)

Whew. I managed my first finish this week for the Finish-A-Long ! 
Checked off my list are the stuffies promised to my niece and the one promised to my nephew.
It's been a while since I worked with fun fur and I think I forgot just how messy it can be.  Little bits of "fur" seem to be everywhere and sticking onto everything (note to self: don't wear polar fleece when working with this stuff otherwise you can end up looking like a shedding yeti... tee hee...)
Cannot wait until my niece sees what I made her!
The pictures gives you no indication of the actual size of these furry creatures. 
 The Mama is 26" tall when sitting, so she's nearly 3 feet tall standing... her tail is 20" long... so she is a big girl and this means she will be chest high on my young neice!
(Which is something S. was very excited about. ;o)
The little Joey is 13" high to the top of his long ears and is so soft and cuddly.  I used the same reddish-tinged brown fur for his body as I did on his mama's, but used a soft, short pile plush for his underside, whereas Mama Roo has a long curly white fur for her underside. 
I know S. will love to tote this little fellow around. 
 I expect they will have many adventures together. :o)
There's no real question as to why my niece chose for me to make this darling duo.  They're definitely cute, but the clincher was finding out that the Joey could be tucked into his Mama's pouch (see photo below).  I was pretty certain that from all the choices of animals for me to make her,  a mama with her baby would be the one requested.  I can hardly wait to give this to my niece and see the look on her face!
My nephew had much simpler tastes when I asked him what creature he'd like me to make for him.  He selected the pattern to make this dolphin.  A real simple design and better yet... it's made from polar fleece.
  I've mentioned before how wonderful polar fleece is to make stuffies from.  It doesn't ravel or shed and it is so cuddly soft.   At two feet in length, there's lots of dolphin here my nephew will be able to snuggle with.
Dolphin for B.

Now that all promised furry creatures have been made, it's time for a good vaccuuming!  With all the fake fur bits floating around, the house looks as if we own a shedding pet. lol

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  1. Absolutely wonderful, they will certainly be a big hit!

  2. Those are absolutely amazing. I LOVE Mama Kangaroo's face. She's got such expression to her eyes!

  3. Eeeek! I am in love with that Joey. Gorgeous makes.

  4. Very nice, sure your niece will love them, and carry them everywhere

  5. How lovely stuffed animals you made!
    AND those Quilts that we can see on the photos are so fantastic!

  6. Oh, gosh, it's been so so many years since I've sewn a stuffed animal! I think I will continue to leave that to you. You are awesome at it. These guys are so adorable! Especially the kangaroos! Yes, fur work is a messy undertaking.

  7. Hi!!! These are adorable!!! They will be well loved!!!

  8. hai...too cute to reject...what a wonderful gift i see for a kids...keep it up

  9. I am FLOORED @ those 'roos - so frigging adorable! I want to play with the dolphin - he's snuggly!

  10. I simply adore those kangaroos! nicely done-!

  11. Absolutely lovely! They'll be so loved!

  12. YOU are amazing! those kangaroos are absolutely mind blowing. you did sooooo good! i bet they will be loved for a very long time. what a good auntie you are!!!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  13. Love the kangaroos! Did you make your own pattern or did you purchase one? Very cute, I'm sure she'll love them :)

  14. Love the kangaroos! Did you make your own pattern or did you purchase one? Very cute, I'm sure she'll love them :)

  15. Oh these are the cutest! I love them.


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