Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sew Happy Wednesday!

Happily, lots of sewing has been happening as I try to make the most of a gap in my work schedule (due to a reno job that my hubby is doing solo this week!). 
 I think I'm trying to "bank" some sewing hours, knowing that I'll be soon back working full-time installing kitchens with my hubby and won't have the same time (or energy) for my creative pursuits.
Since finishing up my king-size quilt a few days ago, I decided to indulge in a few new projects. ;o)  I set to work cutting some strips to do a little piecing.

Once my piecing was complete and I trimmed things up, I was left with some pretty scraps.  You know I cannot resist scraps! lol   No surprise then, that I took those scrappy bits and pieced them together.

 Here they are pieced and with their edges trimmed!
I find something almost magical in taking scraps and making some usable patchwork from them.  It's highly addictive. ;o)
Take a good look at the sizes of those saved scraps.  I made 2" wide strips from all those leftover bits and love how no two scraps are the same size!  This is why I don't throw out even the tiniest bits of fabric. lol
What am I making with all those strips and scraps, you ask...?
Well, let me just say, "What goes around, comes around!"
Cryptic?  Maybe a little. ;o)
It's a  secretive work in progress and fingers crossed, I will be sharing the finish with you before the end of the month.   Can't tell you more than that, for now, but I'm pretty sure you'll like it. ;o) 
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carla said...

Hi!!! Your scraps sure are pretty!!!

Maja said...

Hi Katherine!
Love your choise of fabrics!
Your work looks very interesting, and I guess that you are working on something like the blue
I have in my e.mail.
Although yours looks a bit more complicated.
Lookining forward to ser yours.

Sandra :) said...

Scraps are JEWELS! Yours are very pretty, and I wonder what you're making ... would it maybe start with a P?

sew.darn.quilt said...

Hmmm, I wonder what you're up to with those little pretties? ;D

Patty said...

Well, I can hardly wait til the end of January. Guess I will have to though, won't I.

Canadian Abroad said...

Such a pretty fabric selection. Can't wait to se what you've been up to.

dutchcomfort said...

Such pretty scraps! Have fun! I’m curious to see what you’re making!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Beautiful! Scraps have some magic! x Teje

baukje said...

Your work with scraps is so great, Katherine. I do not have the same talent as you. I need to have a pattern. BUt I love poststampquilts, that's also a way to use scraps!

Wendy said...

oooh, diamonds, interesting... Love, love the fabric you've used, I'm spotting plenty of Bonnie and Camilla in there!

Annie said...

Pretty, pretty! Can't wait to see!

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