Friday, January 18, 2013

Sweet Treats!

I hope you don't mind, but I had to share some fabric goodness that arrived on my doorstep this week:
Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille for Moda
Can't get enough of these yummy colours!
Look how wonderfully they will mingle with the fabric I gifted myself this summer for my birthday ...
Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille for Moda
Mmmmm... I'm envisioning these beauties tossed together with  other bits from my stash.  Quilts and some gifts are planned with these beauties.  I want to get as much mileage out of them as possible. 
 I  LOVE them that much.
 Curiously, I've never been one to buy multiple fabrics from any single fabric line... but since these talented ladies use my favourite palette... I couldn't resist diving in. ;o)
Now, I'm wondering... do you like to buy a line of fabric or pick and choose to mix and match?
Whateve you choose, hope you're sewing with some sweet treats too.
Happy weekend!


  1. I don't have the color OR pattern matching/co-ordinating skill, so I've been buying FQ (or charm square) sets lately - I'm happy to let someone else do the co-ordinating, lol! Gorgeous fabrics - I've been drooling over Marmalade but I need to use up some online purchases before I make more *ahem* :D

  2. I usually pick and choose from my stash and then sometimes buy what's necessary to get a project done, it all depends! Your fabrics are beautiful, I'll looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with.

  3. Ooo!!! These fabrics are yummy!!! Love them all!!!

  4. Well, Katherine, I rather do mind that you've posted these gorgeous fabric collections. What I mind about it is that they didn't arrive at MY doorstep! Whatever you make with this mix can't help but be fabulous looking! Can't wait to see your many finishes with them.

  5. When i started quilting, I bought just the fabrics that i liked and matched each other.
    Then for a couple of years ago i started to buy Jelly- Rolls and Charm Packs.
    Now I mix how I wish.
    I bought the Marmelade fabrics in a jelly-Roll and Vintage Modern in a charm-Pack.


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