Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why not? Finish-A-Long

I've decided to join  the 2013 Finish-A-Long which is being hosted by Leanne this year.  The thought is that maybe by sharing my UFOs so publicly, I'll be that much more motivated to get them done! lol

she can quilt

Let's get on with my list of sewing hopes for the first quarter of the year:

1. Orange Twirl - I have decided to make some more blocks for this before proceeding to finish. (Thanks to input and help from some wonderful bloggy friends when I mentioned I was stuck!)
2. Mini Scrappy Grannies - I've been cutting 1.5" squares in bright colours over the past year, putting them in their own special bin for making mini grannies.  I have already assembled some blocks and have loads more waiting to be made.  It may be a crazy idea but I'd like to make these into a king-sized quilt to match my pillows.
3. My version of Made in Cherry - fabrics for star are cut but need to get background decided upon and gather backing and binding to make this quilt.
4.  ManDarin - crazy 9 patch blocks are already made for this quilt for my hubby.  The long delay in finishing has been due to waiting for his contribution to the design.  I want it done so he can use it this winter!
5. Red/White/Blue - started by making a few of these blocks for a themed blog hop and fell in love.  Decided that I must make more blocks and turn it into a quilt!  Now blocks are made and have everything I need to finish.  Excited to see this one come together and use some quilter's linen for the first time (for sashing!).
6. Plush Kangaroo Mama and Joey - for my niece.  S. selected this pattern from a book I have and has been eagerly awaiting this since her visit in Sept.  Kinda sheepish that it's taken so long for me to get around to this one. 
Are you laughing yet?  I am!  That's 5 quilts I want to finish in the first 3 months of this year.  Nothing like setting a big goal to reach for, right? ;o) 
 I think it's possible and it would be oh-so-wonderful to finally get these completed... then I wouldn't feel half so guilty about all the new quilts I know I will start this year. ;o)
What I'm not adding to this quarter's FAL list is each of the smaller projects that are UFOs.  I set the bar high having listed those 5 quilts... why freak myself out completely by divulging every UFO that is hiding in my sewing room! lol
Guess what I'm sewing this weekend?  It's on this list.... ;o)
Let the finishing, BEGIN!!!


  1. Good luck in finishing your projects, I know you will. Love the colors.

  2. Oh, I so hope that you will make that large quilt whit grannysquares!
    Your pillows are beautiful and it would be perfect with them and the matching quilt!
    Good Luck with your goal for 2013!

  3. You have beautiful UFO's --- something tells me you'll be successful with your goal -- I can hear your machine whirring from here - is that Belle? LOL!

  4. Wow - great projects! Those are going to be some awesome quilts whenever you finish them.

  5. oh wow - you have a list like Leanne! ;-) But gee - what totally beautiful quilts you are working on! DO finish them cuz we all need to see them!!

  6. That is a lot of quilting; but think how pleased you'll be when they're done! Gorgeous fabric choices, as always.

  7. blimey Katherine, that's a lot of quilts! I think you'll manage it no problems.

  8. wow how brilliant it'll be to finish all those quilts! I really love those mini granny squares.

  9. This is such an excellent group of projects. I love the orange twirl especially. I am sure looking forward to seeing them finish, I am glad you are finishing along.


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