Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maybe not...

I thought I had it all figured out and I began free motion quilting my Orange Twirl quilt with a design to mimic swirling breezes (fancy way to describe the free hand letter "S" I'm continuously stitching ;o).

FMQing with Aurifil 50wt - beautiful thread to work with and very little lint in my machine.  Love that!
I've completed a bobbin's worth of stitching and now I'm having second thoughts.  I thought I had the right idea for quilting, but maybe not.
I'm not completely in love with this design for this particular quilt.  I've used it with great effect before.  Solids really pop with this pattern, but the design gets lost in all the prints on this quilt (as you can see in the photos above and below).
The design "disappears" on the prints and is only visible on the solids - although it is adding lots of texture. Not sure I'm liking this enough to stick with it.  Time for quilting Plan B?
I have this sinking feeling that I will be spending some quality time with my seam ripper this evening. ;o) 


  1. Oh boy, I've done exactly the same thing! I hate it when I'm not happy with the quilting. Sometimes even when one uses a plastic overlay you still can't get the real feel for how something will look.

  2. Out of curiosity, would any quilting really stand out on the prints? Does the pattern of the FMQ make a difference? I'm not experienced enough to know.

  3. Well it's better to know now rather than when you've finished the quilt, good luck with the ripping. x

  4. I agree with Susan. I suspect that the FMQ probably won't show up on the prints anyway unless you use strongly contrasting thread. I like the swirls a lot, but you are the one who has to be happy with it. :)

  5. I like it, it gives some texture and interest to the solids but lets the patterns on the patterned fabrics shine - but if you're not happy with it, it'll just bug you.

  6. Hej Katherine!
    I´m so curious.
    Did you ripped your quilting?
    I don´t think that I would done that,
    but it yours and you are the one who has to like it!
    Stor Kram

  7. sometimes you just can't 'read' quilting on a quilt with many fabrics. You have to remember it does give it texture and life. Is it the fabric you love (i think they are wonderful) or is it the quilting you want to stand out? I hope you didn't rip it all out, because I think they are great S's!

  8. Oh no...that's a lot of quilting to unpick. I guess all the challenges of working with solids didn't quite reveal themselves last year when we did our challenge.

  9. Finish it and move on- I think it looks just fine - isn't the idea to hold the two pieces of fabric together?


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