Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Sewing Room...

has been a work in progress.  Although I've been sewing for decades (there's a scary word! ;o), I didn't have a room solely dedicated to my creative pursuit.  The house we're currently living in, happily has provided me with a space I could call my own.  It's been fun and exciting, looking back at how I've changed this room to suit my needs over the past 3+ years.
Let me welcome you on the tour to see my newest changes in my sewing room!
A place to show of a sweet Featherweight 221K... along side a huge jar of collected buttons .
This room is part of an open floor plan, so I only have two walls available to arrange storage along.  You may notice I have added two new (to me) white storage units and two white bookcases.  I loved the first two shelf units ( the ones with glass doors and solid lower doors) so much that I have been on the lookout for matching units to buy.  These are an older line from IKEA, so second hand is the only way to buy them.  I particularly appreciate the height and depth of these units.  Perfect for storing my fabric.
Quite a collection of shelving units!   The new units include shelving and drawers.  Yay!
One of the features that I'm loving about the newest additions, is the 6 drawers in the one shelving unit.  Originally I thought I would fill them with my designing paperwork - to keep ongoing ideas organized... but I discovered that only 2 drawers would be needed for that.
That meant I could use those other four drawers for some organizing of fabric.
Each drawer holds 3 containers that I use for corralling my scraps (grouped by colour... with separate bins for selvedges and strings).
The next new to me bit of organizing really makes my heart sing.  As an extra, the seller of the shelving units had this matching 3 drawer unit on castors.  Immediately I had an idea for where I would put it.  Yes!  It fits perfectly under the open sewing table of my Singer 15-91.  It is now located where I can access it whether I'm at my Janome (pictured below) or if I'm sewing on my vintage Singer.
You probably guessed what I would have tucked inside this handy little unit.  Now my bobbins and most used sewing gadgets are close by, without using up space on my sewing tables.  Plus the middle drawer is a perfect spot for keeping my quilting threads ready for use.   Love it!
You may also notice from the overall shot of the sewing room (second from top photo)... that I now have a couple of bookcases tucked in there.  These meant I could free up space on my metal shelving units and keep my sewing books and magazines within reach.
Part of my vintage spool collection sits on the top shelf where I can admire those colours.  As you can see, not a spare inch is wasted. ;o)
Not an empty shelf in sight! lol
Everything is easier to access than ever before.  I tend to be the type of person that wants "a place for everything and everything in its place" and I'm closer to having that. 
Yes, you can see I've been doing some stash enhancing.  Colour grouped and ready for action!  Maybe if I free up some shelf space I can move my buttons down from the top of those units?  As it is, I need to keep my step stool handy for reaching those lofty treasures.
Not shown in my tour, is the re-vamped design wall which is located exactly opposite the shelving units shown above.  My clever husband came up with a way to secure a design wall over the brick fireplace (that we've never used) that sits between two long windows on the third wall of this room.  Having my design wall makes the most of this otherwise unusable space and provides me exactly what I need to guide me in my quilting projects.
All in all, I couldn't be much happier.  I love an organized space to work in! No surprise this is my favourite room in the house. ;o)
Then (Summer 2010)....                                                                   Now (Winter 2013)...
What a difference!
If you're interested, check out the links I've listed to show you how my sewing room has progressed.  I've come a long way from storing my fabric in huge rubbermaid tubs... although I'm still using our  fancy vintage dining table (we have a kitchen table that is used for all our meals) as my sewing and cutting table.  One day, I may have an actual sewing/cutting table, but I'm not complaining.  Best yet is that all my storage solutions were second hand finds.  This is where patience pays off... and why I've been able to fatten my stash. ;o)

My creative space started out looking like this in the spring of 2010

Here's what my sewing space looked like  summer of 2010

My sewing room looked like this in the summer of 2011

Hope you enjoyed my little tour!


  1. I love Ikea! Those shelf/drawer units were a particular favourite of mine. They are so pretty. I don't have any though. Your sewing room looks divine!

  2. Oh, Katherine!
    My sewingroom is called Paradise from
    friends in blogland, bit I think yours must be "The Living Heaven"!

  3. My room is just like your 2010 version. Storage where you dont have to move several boxes to get to the one you want is definetly the way to go. Happy sewing on your new workroom.

  4. It looks so tidy and appealing--nice! My son just moved out a couple days ago, so I'm busy moving all my sewing stuff into that room. It's big and roomy...I can't wait to have it all in one place.

  5. Looks great! I don't have any drawers which I think would be wonderful to have. It would be nice not to see some of my things. Happy sewing in your new space!

  6. your room looks fantastic! Mine looks much more like the one on the left of the comparison photo! I have an Expidit unit which I've tidied up, so that looks a lot better, but I've got a long way to go before the rest of it is how I want it.

  7. wow have to say i'm impress!!! my little sewing room is too tiny so have fabric everywhere in the house!!! beautiful house

  8. I love this room! I too am in the process of converting a recently vacated bedroom into my new sewing space and moving out of bins. Unfortunately my room is very small but I am trying to make the best of it. It seems you figure it out as you go along. Currently I am trying to move my enormous stash into some kind of order and selling off older fabrics I no longer want as I go (or giving some away). Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Katherine, how can you possibly enjoy sewing in that lovely organized space?! It's much too nice and bright, and cheerful and so inviting and inspirational! **I don't come across as jealous do I?!** A truely lovely space to spend lots of creative sewing time! Good for you!

  10. Katherine, I'm so happy to see your beautiful sewing room! I'm person of order but unfortunately at the moment I don't have enough space for that. I can imagine how you enjoy sitting in your room and seeing everything beautiful and organized! How wonderful to create in that space! x Teje

  11. Wow! May I invited myself come over and sew with you? It looks so roomy and love all the storage units. I hope hope hope.. that when we move to next place that I can have a bigger space for all the sewing supplies. :) Happy Sewing~ xc

  12. I can imagine that you are happy with your sewing room. So well organized, mine is always a mess.

  13. I love it! I think it looks so wonderful. :) blessings, marlene

  14. Thanks for the tour. I love to see your tidy sewing place!

  15. Wonderful space for great creations!

  16. I just cannot imagine having an actual work room like dedicated to sewing/quilting. It is so wonderful.

  17. Thanks for the tour. I am redoing my sewing room as it is very disorganized and to start I needed some cabinets. We have moved our old hutch, buffet and dining room table in as well as an upper cabinet with lower shelves - all going to work well. When I get the room finished I plan on blogging about it as well. So nice to have an organized room!!

  18. Gorgeous...and here I was thinking you had no fabric have but 1/10 th of put me to shame

  19. Looks like an amazing space to get creative!!


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