Tuesday, February 5, 2013


You many remember the Orange Twirl quilt I'm working on?
  The last time I posted about it, I mentioned that I had decided it needed to be a bit bigger, but  knew this meant I needed to start gathering more orange fabrics. 
 Little did I know what would transpire from that post.  I had so many generous offers of fabric help from bloggy friends around the world. 
 Want to see why I feel so blessed ....
 Thank you to Carol, for these lovelies!
Thank you to Maria, for these beauties! 
 Thank you to Wendy, for these pretties!
(Wendy also spoiled me with some handmade goodness!  Even her card is handmade - check out that cute fabric birdie holding line of bunting!)
Thank you to Nicolette, for these treasures!
You can imagine that with all this orange-y good bounty, I've been forging ahead quite nicely with making more blocks for my quilt.  This quilt is taking on a special meaning as it now contains the global kindness of friends I have met in this generous world of blogging.
Personally, my heart is overflowing with gratefulness for all the help from these sweet friends and my throat tightens as I think about it.  This is just one  of many amazing example of the generosity from friends I have made in my blogging journey.   The world really is a smaller, friendlier place and I have YOU to thank for that.  Hugs to each of you ....


  1. I've had similar lovely bundles from blogland. What a WONDERFUL "neighborhood" this is!

  2. What generosity!... lovely to feel loved...

  3. Wow.....how lovely that soooo many came to your rescue...likely enough for many more orange quilts


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