Monday, March 18, 2013

A few more

crazy 9 patch blocks for the quilt I'm making for my husband have been finished - blocks which add in some new fabrics to the previous mix of oranges.  I even tucked in another chocolate brown fabric (courtesy of Flea Market Fancy - love those posies!). 

The dark brown fabrics  are like an oasis in a myriad of orange and I love how they add a little resting place for the eyes.

 All those crazy 9 patch blocks have been united to become a flimsy!  I'm still working on a few others to add to the quilt back and then I'll be all set to begin basting.  Whew.  Another finish is within sight!


  1. Isn't orange such a happy colour? This quilt would make me smile every time I saw it.

  2. Love your quilt. Orange is my favorite color. You are right, the brown is a perfect add.

  3. It's a great one! Love the brown bits, they add a lot to it!

  4. I think this looks fine!!!
    You are right about the brown bits (fabrics are great and the eyes will have a place to rest).
    Soon you and your hubby will have a orange quilt each!!!

  5. I agree, the brown looks great with it!


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