Friday, March 8, 2013

FAL Progress

Back in January, I listed 6 works-in-progress I wanted to complete for the first quarter of the year ( you can read about them in this post...)  as  part of...
she can quilt
 How am I doing on that list?
I've showed you my first finish (here) and am hoping to show you a couple more finishes (if the weather cooperates for some outdoor photos this weekend ;o).
Today, I wanted to share the progress I'm making on another quilt I have listed in the FAL.
I'm using the pattern, Made in Cherry, from Sarah Fielke and trying out some new to me colours.
I've started laying out the center of the star for my quilt!

I'm loving the violet/magenta colourway and have made a change in my plans for the background colour. 
I will replace the teal colour in the top right photo for the bright green in the lower right photo.  Even though I like both, I'm really loving how that bright green makes the violet/magentas "POP"!  Oh, it's so fun to get to play with fabric and colour.   You now know what I'll be doing every spare moment this weekend. ;o)
Wishing each of you a wonderful weekend!

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