Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just like that...

I seem to be on a quilt making roll.  I've completed two quilts in the past week and over the weekend I put together my newest quilt top
(this time using the Made in Cherry -free PDF pattern- from Sarah Fielke).
I piece my quilts using my Singer 15-91, affectionately known as Belle.  She's worth her weight in gold!
I'm already underway with the backing and with any luck with have this top basted before I turn in for the night.  Whew!  Feels good to be ticking off projects on my sewing list.  Not that my list will ever be clear, but that's part of the fun. ;o)

Stay tuned for some quilty finishes...  until then, happy stitching!


  1. Oh, it's lovely!!!

    I think you made the right colourchoice!!

    BTW, my "Brandon" is finished and can be found in blog today:-)


  2. What lovely colors you used.

  3. You are on a roll. It does feel good whittling down the list of projects. The star really pops on that background! awesome!

  4. fabulous! just might have to add this to my must do list :)

  5. that's lovely! what a fab top!


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