Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sew much fun...

 I love free motion quilting!
(here's a quick peek at my latest quilt that's nearing completion)
This will be my second quilt finished this week and it will be another WIP I can cross off my list. ;o)
How about you? 
 Do you love free motion quilting? 
Do you prefer straight lines or curvy for quilting?
 Maybe hand-quilting is your passion...
For me, meander quilting on my little Janome is something I look forward to as I find it an easy quilting design to get into the flow of and have become so comfortable in stitching. 
Believe it or not, I was almost disappointed when I finished quilting because I enjoy it so much. LOL
Next up, is the binding.  I love this stage of finishing because it means I'm nearly done (and I like handstitching that binding on.  I feel like it's the last measure of hand made love I can add to my quilt, so I take pleasure in this last step).
Speaking of finishing, it's been a wonderful week of finishing for me - maybe due to the longer days this time of year brings? ;o)  Whatever the reason, I'm delighted to be crossing some projects off my sewing list.  You'll even be seeing some of those finishes soon.  Goodness knows that sewing list is never ending... but that's not a complaint.  I feel so lucky to have something I enjoy sew much.  Fingers crossed I can keep up my level of sewing productivity as there's always more I want to accomplish than there is hours in a day.  How lovely to have more fun things to look forward to making!     Hoping your week has been filled with fun....
PS.  Has anyone else been experiencing trouble loading photos on Blogger?  It's been an incredible struggle for me.  It doesn't matter if I try loading in compose or in html... it keeps saying "no response".  Such an aggravation!  Any tips to help out with this?  I would appreciate it greatly!


  1. I would love to be able to do such a nice meander stitch...mine comes out wild and uncontrolled...tell me your secret!!

  2. I love FMQ especially meandering! Another 'no mind' type of sewing for me.!

  3. I've never done any FMQ on a real quilt, because I can never fit them through my machine! I have some cushion covers to make and may well use those as FMQ practice pieces. Bet mine isn't as neat as yours though!

  4. Liking the sneak peek of what you are working on. Meandering works so well on so many things but my love is straightline quilting. I really want to try quilting something in a giant circle though!

  5. I love meander stitch..that's my go to pattern but I have just about mastered feathers in the last wekk...oh they are addictive!


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