Saturday, April 6, 2013

2013 FAL... Q1

Time to take stock of what I accomplished on my list of unfinished projects for the first 3 months of the year as a part of...

she can quilt

The first projects I completed from my list are gifts (see this post).  Mama Roo and her Joey are for my niece

while the dolphin is for my nephew.

The first quilt to be completed from my FAL list is Orange Twirl (click here).

The second quilt I managed to complete is Summer Sparkler (click here).

Now what about the other THREE quilts I had on my FAL list?...
Not one of them is finished in time for the first quarter,  although I'm closer now to finishes on two of the three.

The ManDarin quilt is now a flimsy and is awaiting completion of a pieced backing - so a finish is within reach. ;o)

My version of Made in Cherry, which I've named Pop Star, is basted and awaits quilting, so I'm pretty pleased on the progress on this quilt.  This was the one quilt that I had not even sewn a stitch of, when I added it to the FAL list.

My final project that I hoped to complete is a king-size scrappy granny square quilt.  No progress was made on this one.

That means I have 3 out of 6  finishes for the first quarter of FAL.
  My hopes were high, but I'm not disappointed to only have completed half of the projects on my list.  I love the momentum participating in the FAL created - not only did I finish 3 WIPS, I managed to complete a few others not on the list and start a few more. lol  Happy times!
Want to see what everyone else has finished?
Click here to find out!


  1. Congrats on some lovely finishes!
    You did very well, considering the fact that you worked so hard in $ 1,- miljon dollar houses!

  2. Some awesome finishes. And lets be honest, they are quilts, they are big projects! Love the roo's as well, great furry fabric.

  3. Congratulations on finishing some projects. That's an amazing orange quilt.

  4. Your finished quilts are delightful!

  5. Great job! That definitely is a lot of progress made, even if they weren't all finished. Those stuffed animals are amazing! They look like something you would buy at a store!

  6. I love the animals and I especially love Orange Twirl. I love all the oranges you used, and I love that block, it has been on my list forever. So nice to see your finishes!

  7. hey congrats. finishing any UFO's is better then not. I have one more UFO to quilt. I actually bought thread for it yesterday at the Red Deer Quilt show. Now I just need to baste it.

  8. Good going! I especially love your summer sparkler!

  9. You have been working hard and made very fin results!
    You´re orange quilt is fantastic, the red white and blue are so fine!!!
    You know I like the things you´ve done!
    Congrats to some finished UFO´s!

  10. I loved those kangaroos when you first showed them to us and I have to say of all your finishes... as beautiful as the quilts are... the kangaroos are my favourite.

  11. You got a LOT done considering how much time you were working - congratulations! I think an unwritten rule of any FAL is to start several new projects in addition to finishing (one or some) - I bet most people would be happy if that were a requirement of the -along, LOL!

  12. Adore the orange twirl quilt that you finished Katherine and ManDarin must be finished this time round!

    Now I really fancy a glass or orange juice - can't think why!?

  13. Wow - you've done really well! I love your Summer Sparkler!!


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