Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can't complain...

that I'm under the weather.  Seems that the 3+ years being illness- free streak I was on, has been broken.  Actually, it's been so long since I had a sore throat that I wasn't even sure that I had one... at first.  The restless night with a swollen throat clued me in that this was for REAL. ;o)  So, I've been drinking hot lemon water and resting.
Too sick to help my husband on the construction jobsite, but not so sick at this point, that I couldn't spend a little time sewing.
Wrapped up in a quilt, I've been working on one of my FAL projects.  Yay!  Progress!
My 1" square collection has been put to good use making more mini-sized Granny Blocks.

Since I'm wanting to make a king-size quilt with these colourful little beauties, I have a lot more blocks needing to be made.  Thankfully, these are simple enough for this under-the-weather sewist to distract herself with (while not blaming her hubby for being the one to share his germs ;o).


  1. Sorry for the sore throat, but glad for your chance to sew;-)
    I just adore those litte granny squares, but I didn´t had a clue that they were SO small!!!
    OK, it´s just to go on working then, I´ll guess;-0).
    Take care and let´s hope for a quick recovery.

  2. I had the same a couple of weeks ago...hope you feel better soon, Katherine!

  3. Your mini grannies are beautiful - hope you are feeling better soon :)

  4. Hope you feel better soon, the minigrandy squares are coming along they looke great.

  5. Love your little mini blocks! Feel better soon :)

  6. Bad hubby, sharing his germs, lol! Sorry you're not feeling well, but glad it's giving you some sewing time - yay!

    Are those ... 1" finished or UNfinished squares??!!??! My tetchy fingers are quivering in fear either way - yikes, lol!

  7. What lovely mini Granny squares. Get well soon - Hopefully Spring is in full swing where you are to speed your recovery!

  8. such cute little blocks! I hope you're feeling better now.

  9. Oh wow! I love the mini size granny's! It's going to be a fantastic quilt.

  10. So sorry you're not feeling well.
    At least you have some cute mini blocks to make you smile. :)
    Feel better soon.


  11. I adore this block pattern anyway but your 1" blocks are precious! Such a great scrap buster.
    Gmama Jane


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