Thursday, April 4, 2013

How did that happen?

Well, hello, there!
Somehow, I've lost 2 weeks. ;o)
Can I blame it on the long work days that seem to be a part of the latest round of installing I've been doing with my husband? 
 In the past 3 weeks we've worked in four different homes that  are worth over 1 million each.  It has meant lots of high end work that understandably, takes more time, concentration and energy (leaving me too tired by days' end for much of anything besides cooking supper and early to bed ;o).  Two of these expensive homes required us to set up our tools outside to work (all of our cutting with chop and table saws was done in the fresh Spring air)... so we were really happy when we awoke to this yesterday morning... 
 Out my window on April 3, 2013.
 ah, yes, nothing like revisiting winter to kick the day off right. ;o)
Thankfully, all the snow that fell early Wed. morning melted off before noon, but it was still a rather nippy temperature to be set up outside for all our cutting.  Brrrrr... 
Meantime, some sunshine arrived in my mailbox, several days ago, that worked wonders in distracting me from our on again/off again Spring weather. lol
My lovely friend, Maria, sent me a wonderful gift!
A pretty patchwork pouch made entirely with plaids and some gorgeous Brandon Mably fabrics.
Thanks so much, Maria! 

Look at those glorious colours!  These are the first Brandon Mably fabrics I've had the pleasure of sewing with.  Didn't Maria completely spoil me with her gift?!  I'm so in love with the details on her pouch - such great texture with her quilting and I love the bit of ric rac on the button loop.
Maria teasingly told me I was to "sew something good" for myself using those beauties...
and I did.  More on that, tomorrow. ;o)
Wishing you a happy finish to your week!
I can hardly wait for the weekend ... even though we have some snow in our forecast (do I need any better reason to stay indoors and sew?) .   LOL


  1. Wow, you should expect $ 1 million dollar houses to have some kind of shed or barn to work in...

    You received some lovely gifts!!

  2. I knew we weren't done with the cold, but I *thought* we were done with the snow - alas, I just looked out the kitchen window to see that white crap gently floating down. JOY. NOT!

    Pretty fabrics ... but I really REALLY love that little bag - the fabrics and quilting are just lovely! Is that homespun? SWEET!

  3. Winter seems to have lasted extra long this year for many of us! We are still freezing here in the week might bring summer temperatures...hmmph I'll believe it when I see it!


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