Friday, April 26, 2013

I almost missed it

 It only happens once a year.  Which is probably a good thing (considering how much I always bring home... lol).  I look forward all year long to this fun day of gathering sewing notions, fabric, yarn, patterns and other creative goodies while helping out a worthwhile cause.
I nearly missed out this year, though.  My usual source for notification of the sale wasn't helpful.  Luckily, I had the name of the charity and went online searching, to discover the sale was to be held the very next day!
Each year I've attended, I try to stock up on some basic sewing notions.  This year, I returned to gathering buttons and snaps and zippers.  I also snagged a few small embroidery hoops.
I showed great restraint in the yarn section.  I only brought home 10 balls of crochet threads (at 50cents each - you will understand how much willpower I had to resist bringing home more! lol).

Along with cards of buttons, I gathered up loose buttons and went about sorting them into colours when I was home.  Lots here to add to my button stash for use in projects.  Zippers were priced at 10 for a dollar in small bags, but as my stash of zippers is already pretty healthy, I didn't go overboard this year.

The biggest attraction for me this year, was fabric. Believe or not, I didn't even look for quilting fabrics!  I was on a quest to gather some staples for sewing some clothing for myself and family.  I zoned in on flannel (for pj pants), interlock jersey (for T-shirts), jogging fleece (for hoodies), denim & corduroy (for bags and garments) along with some muslin, canvas and burlap for other sewing projects.  Being able to purchase a couple of metres at $2/piece means that some affordable sewing is ahead.  I even scored some pieces that are over 3metres in length (that sold for $3/piece).  Crazy good, right?!
Buttons and zippers sorted and ready to add to my stash.  A tower of freshly laundered fabric awaits me!  Lots of sewing ahead for my family's needs.

Is it any wonder that I anticipate this sale each year?  Enough that I stood outside in the windy, cold weather with other devotees, awaiting the doors to  open and the thrift shopping to begin.


  1. Oh wow you really did well what great bargains.
    Happy Sewing x

  2. Oh, I think you really ought to come over to me and bring a big bag!
    We do have the same interest but I´m trying hard NOT to buy anything like all the treasures you had;-)

  3. oh my..for sure i am also gone crazy if i were same place with you!

  4. Yummie, I really enjoy your pictures, I can understand the feeling you had buying all this material, what a treat!Enjoy your pile of fabric, your buttons, yarn, and zippers, and making beautiful things for your family.

  5. Oooo, sounds like fun! I love that kind of sale and it looks like you got lots of great goodies!

  6. I have missed it every year. this year I knew when it was and where, but had to be with my daughter at a dance competition. One of these days I will get to it. You got a fantastic haul!

  7. Hi!!! Yaa!!! Great deals!!! So much fun too!!!!

  8. Pretty goodies - I separate my buttons by colour as well, lol. When I read the beginning of this post in my reader, I opened it up on the blog page immediately because I wanted to see ZIPPER PICS, lolol!!!

  9. I love a always makes me like my purchases that much more! What a nice haul...enjoy!

  10. that's it, I'm moving to Canada... sort out the spare bed for me please!


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