Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scrappy Strings Potholders

I have my first finish for Q2 of the Finish-A-Long with Leanne.
she can quilt
Okay, it's a small finish, but after a week of being sick and accomplishing little else, it does make me happy to cross these off my list.
I especially love finishes that come from scraps (here)!
I've made potholders before, but this is the first time I've made them using a special  fleece specifically for hot or cold applications. I used one layer of the Insul-Fleece along with 2 layers of quilt batting and three layers of fabric (my scraps were pieced to a foundation fabric).
  Free motion quilting through all those layers went quite well.  The tricky part was in adding the binding - but that was manageable too after I reduced my usual seam allowance  for binding.

 I made two sizes of potholders, mainly because I'm not the only one that will be using them.  My hands are the smallest in the household, so to accommodate the menfolk (with their larger hands), I made this one for their use.  Plus, I figure this size would do double duty as a hot pad to set pans on.

Scraps on the front, polka dots on the back.  Two of my all time favourite fabric combinations. ;o)

The second potholder is smaller and more suited to my hand size, although my sons thought it was a coaster.   Okay, it is small and there's no hanging loop (which I not only find useless as I store my potholders in a drawer, and  I always end up burning off a  hanging loop during use anyways... so no loop on purpose  ;o), but it's the right size for me.

Again, scraps on the front and dots on the back.  Yum!

I admit to having some fun with the quilting.  I love free motion quilting a flower design!

No sooner did I finish the potholders, I put them to the test removing some home made bread from a hot oven.  They passed the heat test with flying colours!

Now my kitchen helpers have requested a pair of oven mitts and more importantly, that I FINALLY toss out the thread bare and thin little potholders I have been using for far too long. ;o)
  I guess more scrap play sewing is in order!
I'm linking up with Amanda Jean's  Crazy Mom Quilts... Finish-it-up-Friday!


  1. The pot holders are lovely, I have a thing about polka dots, great quilting such a nice pattern.

    I make bread most days but I cheat and it's in the bread maker I keep telling myself I should make it the real way at least some of the time.

  2. they are delightful and more importantly that bread look delicious!

  3. They turned out so cute and I love the quilted flower too!

  4. Love your potholders! Awesome quilting too! It's nice to get your heat test info.

  5. Some really "yummie" scraps on those potholders. The bread looks tasty too!

  6. So glad that you were feeling well enough again to sew. Love the quilting you did on the potholders.

  7. Love the FMQ effect on the backs!!

  8. Wonderful - and I love the quilting :-)


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