Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I warned you

that when I was sick a couple of weeks back, that at the time I had no resistance to gratifying some fabric lust.  What's a girl to do when she's too sick to sew? ;o)
Shall I tease tempt you by showing you the aftermath of my online browsing?  Maybe I should have a disclaimer here... just in case I weaken your own resistance and you end up doing some fabric buying therapy. ;o)
  Anyways...I happened to cyber-wander into Tammy's lovely shop,
 Marmalade Fabrics while I was under the weather
 (must say,how nice to shop while in pjamas with a hot cup of tea at hand).
Quick as a wink, a FQ bundle of low volume fabrics was added to my cart along with a few hand picked treats from her low volume selection.
So excited to have some Zen Chic fabrics to play with!

Okay, I got a little giddy when I spotted the fabric on the far left in the photo below.  I've had that fabric "pinned" for some time now and have had a hard time finding any to buy.  When Tammy contacted me to let me know she didn't have the full yardage I was looking for, I told her I'd be happy with any little bit of it she might have.  To my delight (and undying thanks!) she had a look through her shop and found me a quarter yard piece.  Better yet, she put together a "scrappy" yard for me all in low volume fabrics (including that coveted print in another colourway - see first photo, far right)!  I'm spoiled, I tell you.   Thanks so much, Tammy!

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 Here's the complete lovely line-up of low-volume prints that found their way into my stash from Marmalade Fabrics.
 Such a lovely range of low-volume prints, don't you agree?
 All from one shop!

Should I be apologizing for showing you so much fabric temptation? ;o)

I'm telling you, my stash never looked so good! LOL
I'm all geared up for more sewing projects than ever. 
 Good thing Spring is finally here with longer daylight hours.  I'm going to need them. ;o)
P.S.    I have a little giveaway of black and white fabrics happening this week as a part of the
Click here for details on entering....


  1. I'm so happy for you to shop those beauties! I love those low valume 'greys'! x Teje

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous bundles - love the LV fabrics :)

  3. Hrm... temted YES!!!
    Shopping NO!!!
    I have to sew from the fabrics I have stashed.
    And I´m waiting for some new I already ordered;-)
    Love your choices!

  4. Oh Katherine, that shop is gorgeous, OMG they have such beautiful fabric. i think I need some!!!!!!!!!


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