Made with love, for my love.

This week I finished a very special quilt. 
I finally completed the quilt I started a year ago for my husband...

the ManDarin quilt!
The colour orange is his favourite and until I started making this quilt, I barely had an orange fabric in my stash.  Knowing how much he would appreciate his own quilt to wrap up in when he's working at his desk in the evenings, I embarked upon gathering an array of orange fabrics.

My husband has supported my love of sewing and creating with fabric going waaaaaaay back to when we were first dating in college.  He not only would drive me to local fabric stores, he would shop with me.  He still doesn't mind doing this.  Always encouraging my creativity and cheering me on.  He completely "gets" my love of fabric and sewing. Is it any wonder why I love this man? ;o)

Now after giving you a glimpse of what a wonderful man I married, don't read anything into the block design I chose to make his quilt. Okay? ;o)

I used Elizabeth Hartman's Crazy 9-Patch block tutorial to make the ManDarin quilt.  From the beginning, my husband knew I was making this quilt for him and I would ask for his preferences.  He wanted those crazy 9 patch blocks all tossed in together with nothing else to break them up. The odd hit of brown thrown in to keep your eye moving over the quilt was a fun addition.
 I sewed block after block.  I think I got a bit carried away!  I wanted his quilt to be large enough to wrap him up - mission accomplished.  In fact, I sewed more than enough for the quilt top, so the extras found their way onto the backing.

Personally, I love the back a wee bit more than the front (but don't tell him ;o).  I like the blocks framed by the solid.  Maybe it's because it gives the eye more of a resting place?

Grab your sunglasses!  This photo was taken outside - but not in direct sunlight.  The quilt is so bright that bees were attracted and kept buzzing about as I tried to photograph it. LOL

Still, I couldn't be happier with the finished results.
Since the quilt is quite busy with so much colour and print, I opted for a meander stitch for the quilting.  I figured  about all my quilting would contribute would be some texture.

Before washing...
I think I was right!  Compare for yourself, the before (above) and after (below) of the texture my quilting provided once I laundered the quilt.

after washing!
I used a light orange Aurifil thread in 50wt and fell in love all over again with this thread for FMQ.  My machine seems to prefer it, too.  No annoying tension issues with this thread, which makes for an enjoyable quilting experience.

Fresh from the dryer, I presented my hubby with his quilt and the look on his face was the icing on the cake.  This is why I quilt.

Whew.  This happy finish means I've accomplished another work in progress that has been on my
 FAL list for the second quarter of 2013.

she can quilt

I'm linking  my ManDarin quilt to Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday!


  1. A wonderful quilt indeed. You husband chose a great colour and was right to say just stitch the blocks together. The perfect present to say thank you for all his support.

  2. It's beautiful Katherine - a stunning finish!! I have no orange in my stash but clearly need to get some. Your husband sounds a keeper for sure.

  3. It is amazingly perfect. And I love the back as well as the front. I also love your choice of binding fabrics. Just perfect!

  4. I have a husband like yours...aren't we lucky! Beautiful job...piecing and the choice for the binding too!

  5. It's beautiful quilt for a wonderful man! Love it! You both are lucky to have each other. :)

  6. I love orange, this quilt is stunning! Congratulations on such a big finish.

  7. I'm with you. Orange normally isn't a color I pick out, but the quilt is fantastic. But I also like the back better.....

  8. A fantastic scrappy-look quilt! I too agree with the Hubs not to break up the design pattern with sashing. It looks awesome! The colors are marvelous and your quilting is beautiful!

  9. Oh washed and cozy from the dryer! It is wonderful. Orange is becoming my new pink. I love it!!

  10. WOW!! What a beautiful quilt! I love that you used orange; quilting is about what makes you feel happy with every stitch.

    You and your hubby are perfect together!

  11. That is amazing! I think I am in love with your husband too...he shops for fabric with you, he picks out his own quilt pattern...sounds awesome!

  12. You should be very proud of the quilt. It is amazing. I love the orange fabrics too. You are both lucky to have found each other! A man that likes fabric and a wife that helps install kitchens!

  13. I love orange. I can't wear it but I can quilt with it. :-)

    This turned out great - I love the back - but the fact that he loves it makes it perfect. Beautiful job!

  14. What a beauty! I've grown to love orange and I love it in this quilt.

  15. It`s a fantastic quilt, Katherine!
    I just love when there´s two quilts in one like this!

  16. What a great quilt and a great color!

  17. Your husband is a keeper, and so is that orange-a-licious quilt! I love the kick the brown (and that dark background floral print) give the orange - perfection!

  18. I love it! Great colors! My husband sounds like supportive of my "little" habit! Except that he requests Charlie Brown themed quilts!

    Wonderful quilt!

  19. So fabulous! Love all the orange. Congrats on the finish!

  20. Katherine, it is just wonderful, what a lucky husband!

  21. I love it! My husband loves the color orange too (maybe it's a guy thing?). He'd be so thrilled if I made him his very own quilt. What a great wife you are!

  22. I bet you had great fun buying all that orange fabric - I love the name ManDarin!

  23. Thank you! And sew easy. I love the wonky blocks. Will have to get sewing.

  24. I founf your blog via Ingrid's handwerken.
    I love this quilt and I've pinned it on Pinterest.
    Thanks for the info about the pattern!

  25. I found your blog ia Ingrid's Handwerken.
    I love this quilt!
    Thanks for the info on how to make it.

  26. Dear Katherine, I'm always surprised with the size of your quilts! So big. I can't use such sizes or half of them in my sewing machine for sure...
    This always surprised me and how fast you are putting together little bits of fabrics in a such beautiful ways!!! Congratulations for your skills and so beautiful works! You are an inspiration!
    And now I'm waiting for embroideries!

  27. absolutely one of my top fave quilts of all time-especially the back!! WOW!! what a lucky hubby and how lucky you are to have him as well-such a nice post!


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