Sunday, May 26, 2013

Play day

My days of the week are all jumbled up, thanks to having a job that was scheduled for the whole weekend.  A bit of a mix-up and a looming deadline conspired to have my hubby and I installing all weekend.  Yet, surprisingly, here I am, home for my Sunday ( last evening, sweet husband said I should stay home today while he would go back alone).
  It's been a busy week for us, with some very long days, so I'm more than ready for a break - which I know he is ready for too.  Neither one of us is a fan of working the weekends, because we recognize the importance of having "down" time.  Time to relax, time to recharge and time to do other things besides work to pay our bills.  No one gets to the end of their life, looks back and says, "I regret not working more".  Work is always there, there's always more to be done, but if no time is given to play or just "being", I find I burn out.  Creatively, emotionally and physically.
Sewing can be playing?  Definitely!  Take this work in progress as an example.  I've yet to figure out how I will make it all come together, but I'm enjoying the chance to sort it out as I go along.  I'm just playing and it's making me happy.

So today, I'm going to "play".
  How do I play?  I take time for regular exercise, time to read a inspiring book, time spent with my sons (since it's sunny, a walk through the woods sounds perfect) and some time spent sewing. See how I'm taking time to nourish my physical, emotional and creative needs through play? 
I'm a believer in the power of playing. :o)
Wishing you some happy play days!


  1. I hope you got to play today Katherine :) I LOVE that WiP!!

  2. love play days...I need to book one too lol
    great colours..know you love blues too

  3. Ah, the power of play - I teach drama so obviously I'm down with that. :-)

    I love where the blue and green is going…

  4. Any day I get to sew - is a play day - and I do love my play days, lol! Love that scrappy combination of fabrics - that's going to make a gorgeous quilt - especially if you quilt it with circles (off centre concentric ones, maybe?) or swirlies - I think that would look great with all the straight lines :D


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