Sunday, June 23, 2013

A shot of sunshine...

Hello there!  Happy to report that we're having some sunshine, so things should start drying out and hopefully, the flood waters here in Calgary will recede that much faster.  Still don't know the full extent of damages done to the city by all the flooding, but I think we're all pretty happy to see the sun again!
 Not only has the sun made a reappearance in the sky, a bit of sunshine arrived in my inbox this weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to find out that my baby quilt,
 Cherry Blossoms, from Denyse Schmidt's Single Girl Quilt pattern was selected as the project feature of the week in the newsletter from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

The news that I have won a gift certificate to spend at Pink Chalk Fabrics has put a spring in my step and a huge smile on my face.   Thank you, Kathy!   (Any guesses how long it will take before I spend this on some fabric??? ;o)

If you missed my original post about this quilt, you can find it here.  I finally made that handmade label for the quilt and as soon as I finish a couple other gifts to be included, this quilt will be on it's way to my newest niece. :o)
On a more serious and personal level...
Thanks so much for the outpouring of concern about what's happening here in Calgary.  If you're following the news casts about the situation, you'll be aware that some evacuated citizens have been allowed back to their homes, but the majority have not.  From the images we've seen, it's totally understandable why.  The amount of water that has taken over parts of the city is unfathomable.  Apparently it's been a one in a 100 hundred years, flood.
For the most part, during this natural disaster, we have remained at home as that is what the authorities have requested of everyone.  We only ventured out yesterday for some necessities and found things a bit eerily quiet.  It was nowhere near a typical Saturday for the area of Calgary we frequent for our groceries. The stores weren't being overrun (as we thought might be a possibility), instead, it was the opposite.  Contrary to some stories we've heard about price gouging and shortages of supplies, we saw normal pricing and stock.  Which I guess, let's you know that such occurrences are perhaps only specific instances and not the general happenings.   Although we did not venture out to search out any flooding, we did get to see evidence of the disaster.  Our normal route to the shopping center was closed, due to flooding and from an alternate route, we saw the submerged roadway and underpass.  It was surreal.  This was just one first hand glimpse at what has happened around the city.  It really is hard to wrap the mind around how much water it takes to flood so much area.   Obviously the time it will take to get things back to normal in this city, will be considerable. 
 It's strange, because it's now been a decade since my family experienced the devastating forest fires of 2003 ( we were living in Kelowna - and were among those evacuated) and the feelings evoked  when you're faced with a natural disaster is hard to describe.  Yes, there is fear, but it's more than that.  The best I can come up with, is a overwhelming feeling of being "unsettled".  Which I suppose is connected with uncertainty and anxiety.  That's not to say these emotions override feelings of thankfulness to be safe and alive along with loved ones.  Moments and experiences such as these put a hyper focus on what's really important in your life.  Okay, now I'm rambling... ;o)...
I just wanted you to know I sincerely appreciate your concerns and all your wishes for our safety and well-being.


  1. {{{{{{{{{{Calgarians}}}}}}}}}}


  2. I´m so happy for you!!!
    The quilt is fab!!!
    And it´s fantastic that the weather is getting better!
    My english is too bad to express my inner feelings, but I think and hope that you know what I mean!

  3. I am loving the sunshine and grateful we are all safe!

  4. I'm still in shock that Calgary of all places got expect that sort of thing in Winnipeg! Glad to hear you are ok. I lived through the Ice Storm in Montreal in 1998 and while you are in the thick of it, it is all a bit surreal and you don't really get the sense of how bad it really is until you start seeing the news and the fall out. My thoughts are with my fellow Canadians... The road of recovery is tough, but communities are strong!

    I have friends in Calgary so I have been watching with great interest.

  5. Lovely to see your quilt in the newsletter and I am glad you are doing well. Those of my family in Calgary are also fine and I think you have summed up the feeling nicely. Hopefully things will dry out and folks will pull together to get things fixed and sorted.

  6. So glad you are okay. My sister-in-law and family had to evacuate, but are back in their home again with water damage in the basement. What a time!
    I love Pink Chalk Fabrics. Enjoy your gift certificate.

  7. Congratulations! I saw your quilt in the newsletter and am so happy for you! Am so glad you were spared from flooding. My heart goes out to those who are struggling with losses. Words are inadequate...

  8. so pleased to hear you are safe and well...........take care....

  9. Congrats on your quilt. It really is lovely. So glad the sun is out!


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