Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A star from chevrons

I took a little creative side trip from some larger projects I'm currently working on because I had a flash of inspiration.  Last summer I made a bright, summery chevron runner
 (which you can read about here)and when I was finished, I had several pieced strips leftover.
My Summer Chevron Runner. I have a tutorial for making these strip pieced chevrons found HERE.

The leftover strips (which looked similar to the ones shown on the back of the runner) have been hanging in my sewing room for all these months, looking pretty while encouraging me to find a use for them. 
The back of the runner has leftover strips incorporated into the design. Still, I had some remaining unused strips.
 I was flipping through library books and magazines this weekend when the idea came to me.  I had to know if it was possible to use those strips to piece together a star.
Okay, it involved some stitch ripping, cutting a few more diamonds and deliberate placement of colours, but as you can see, the idea worked.  Everything was sewn by machine, which meant it came together quickly.  Matching seams was a little tricky, but manageable and rather than tackle sewing in the background pieces as diamonds, I cut them in half.  Triangles were even easier to handle if you sew things together in a logical manner.

I finished the background last evening and immediately pinned it to my design wall (which as you can see, is completely covered by my Impromptu quilt top). 
  I stood back to view my creation and wonder how to proceed.  Do I turn this into a table topper? a pillow? a mini quilt?  or ????   My husband ( a well versed veteran of these creative debates I have with myself) quickly voiced his thoughts that I should, "Quilt it, Bind it and Move on".  
 That made me laugh! 
 Apparently, my desire to try to sew every idea there is out there, is well known in this household (do you think it's my stash that gave away that secret? ;o).  It's also obvious there's no such thing as the infinite amount of time that would be needed to be able to sew everything my heart desires.  Still, doesn't keep me from shooting for the moon...or in this case, for the stars. ;o)


  1. Hi! I was still sitting outside and smiled with your post! I love the table runner and the star became so beautiful! Your hb had good advice - I think this would be lovely table mat or pillow! x Teje

  2. Excellent, Katherine! I love your star and the colors!

  3. Oh, Katherine!
    Our husbands is fantastic!
    They help us and support us, but somethimes they had enough, I guess.
    I have heard the same comments from my man.
    Your artwork is as fine as ever!

  4. Hi!!!! I love your star!!!! Very pretty!!!

  5. its wonderful. I would have to go with pillow or table topper too! You are so creative

  6. Very cool! What a clever use of leftovers…

    That runner is beautiful, too, by the way...

  7. I just LOVE these colors! Delicious...makes me want to do something with bright pink. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I agree with your husband. Quilt it, bind it, move on. Mainly because I think it will make a lovely mini. x

  9. So lovely to be here again. Too long I've been away. I've missed you and I'm hoping to get back into the swing of writing and I look forward to journeying with you again.

    And thanks for entering my giveaway. I want to wish you all the best for tomorrow's Draw. Here's hoping...


    PS. Gorgeous pieces I see you've been designing of late. I was just ruminating about my pillow. You see it may be a winter snowflake pillow, but it sits out all year, because now in my imagination it's a daisy!

  10. fabulous star - I think a pillow or maybe a mini wallhanging - your husbands comments made me lol (as you say - a veteran !)


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