Sunday, June 9, 2013

Impromptu progress

Sometimes I think I'm crazy.  Crazy, because with each new sewing project, with each new fabric combination, I find I get so excited to see it all come together.  Each and every time.
The project that has my full attention and enthusiasm currently, is my quilt for the Impromptu-along.
I have never worked with so much yellow before and it makes me a little uncomfortable.  I have no feelings of discomfort when I work with blues, reds, pinks or greens - so good thing these colours are all present on this project!  That yellow text for the background fabric has me hoping and wishing I'll make some magic in the final result.

Here you can see I've taken all those squares and stitched them together and played with layouts.

Once I get the layout for a block decided, some background pieces are added to flesh out the block.

Okay, only a dozen more to sew! ;o)
Wish me luck....
Hey!  Want to make your own Impromptu Quilt using Rachel's fantastic pattern?
You can find it HERE.


  1. Hi Katherine! Looks great! I never liked or used much yellow but lately I have chnaged. I guess now and then we need new things as new colours. Your fabrics are beautiful and I like the blocks! x Teje

  2. The yellow is actually a nice neutral background for the D9P blocks :) That line of fabric is lovely (I forget the name of it, but I think I have some downstairs, lol). I'm doing D9P blocks for quilts right now too - I love 'em!

  3. It looks wonderful. The combination of fabrics screams sunshine and warm summer days, or a picnic!


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