Friday, June 14, 2013

Make my tea towels Zakka!

Surprise!  I got caught up doing  more Zakka sewing. Admit it.  You knew that would happen. ;o)  The second project in the Zakka Along 2.0 sew along using
 is a set of pretty tea towels.  Certain to bring smiles when it's your turn to dry the dishes. ;o)
I decided to make my set as gifts - so I chose the recipient's favourite colour to make my version using blues. 

 Oh, and since I didn't have access to a copier to enlarge the applique templates for the letters, I drafted my own set - which happen to be larger than the ones used in the book.  Obviously, this affected the placement of the appliques a bit, but it still works. :o)
I love working with linen.  Especially as it comes in a wider width than cotton, so I could cut 2 towels with no waste across the width of the linen.  Yay!

It was so much fun choosing fabrics for the appliques.  I think my favourite is the text print fabric I used for the soup pot on the "Dinner" tea towel.   Soup is "healing", right? :o)
Jumping back a project for a love affair with the first project of the book - the Bell Pepper Coasters didn't feel complete until I added a fourth pepper. ;o)

Just as she suggests, Ayumi's projects make great gifts.  Each of my first two projects is destined for giving.  Yay!  They also make for some satisfying sewing. ;o)

I'll be adding my sew along finishes to the Flickr group
 and linking up with Amanda Jean's Finish-it-up-Friday!


  1. Those are amazing!! And I wouldn't let them anywhere near my wet dishes. Maybe just hang on my oven handle to look pretty.

  2. Your projects are just amazing - especially love your towels - SO nice!

  3. they are just gorgeous! I'm considering buying the book just for this project, I'm going to hold out though and have a look at the next projects!

  4. Hej Katherine!
    Why don´t you come over and bring your nice works;-)
    Second thought, I think I better buy the book;-)
    Love your nice new things!

  5. I'll have ... Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ... with a side of peppers, please and thank you! ;)

  6. Great towels!! I love how the little soup pot looks like vintage pyrex. :-)

    I bought that book a few weeks ago but haven't had the time to pick out a project yet. It appears I've been missing out!

  7. Lucky people on your gift list - these are such pretty projects!


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