Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Zakka. Simply irresistible.

Have you heard about the sew along using the new book,
 by Ayumi Takahashi? 
I happened to pick up this book over the weekend and was delighted with the gorgeous projects it contains and couldn't wait to get stitching. ;o)

I stitched up these fun bell pepper coasters this afternoon using Ayumi's delightful book. I thought they were too cute to resist and I think they'll make a great gift.  I'm also thinking of joining in on the sew along. 

Apparently, you can join in at any time and  there will be a post for each week of the sew along. I believe that this is week #2. Here's the link to the schedule, if you're interested.
  Sounds like lots of sewing fun, doesn't it?

The sew along is hosted by Lindsey of  LRstitched and Debbie of  A Quilter's Table
Thanks so much Lindsey and Debbie!
Even if you're not sewing along with everyone, you might be interested to see what everyone is making...   You can follow the sew along on:
and Instagram, hashtag #patchworkplease

Nothing like mixing in some small, quick sewing projects between the quilts I've got on the go!  Besides just mention patchwork and linen and I'm yours. ;o)  It may be the most irresistible combination I can think of.  :o)


  1. I'm seeing these bell pepers everywhere and they all look fabulous. Yours are no exception, Katherine! Love your fabrics.

  2. I have peppers in those very colours in my fridge right now, lol. Love 'em - so colourful! My sewy friend up the street has the book - I was thinking of doing the pepper design as a zipper bag - elnorac (who is in the blog hop) did one!

  3. Darling coasters! YES join in any time - when you can sew, do; if you can't, well follow along! Each Monday we'll highlight a new project!

  4. We are always on the same wave length! I have a red one made and want to make a bunch more. I love your fabric choices!

  5. how cute! I did the last book SAL, it took up a lot of time!


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