Monday, July 15, 2013

List for FAL Third Quarter...

Lucky for me, the deadline for linking up for the third quarter of the Finish-A-Long with Leanne is midnight, tonight.
she can quilt

  It seems that although I had every intention of getting my list together sooner, time has been spent dealing with work and our flooding basement (we're quite ready to move on from a full week having to hourly vacuum up the water that keeps coming in...plumbers are  already so busy dealing with the recent flooding disaster in Calgary, that instead of waiting any longer, my hubby is installing a sump pump, so we should be able to dry things out... finally).  My sewing mojo took a big hit this past week, thanks to the stress of having a flooded basement, but I'm ready to move forward with my sewing projects.

Time to laser focus my efforts this quarter, with hopes that I'll finally be crossing these projects off my to-sew list. ;o)  Since it's summer and that means I'll be busy with things like canning and visiting with family... I've decided it's probably more realistic to keep my list short and sweet. 

1.  Mini Granny blocks quilt - I have about 50 blocks (more will likely be needed) sewn using 1.5" squares that are ready to be made into a king-size quilt.  Time to get that layout finalized and see where I'm at. ;o)

2. Possibilities in Blue and Green - time to take these pieced scraps and turn them into a finished quilt!

3. Impromptu Quilt -  basted and waiting for me to quilt it.

Three is my magic number for this quarter. ;o)  No doubt other sewing projects will happen during this quarter, but it would make me ever so pleased to get these 3 finished. :o)


  1. Sump pumps are good. Glad you've got one in now. It'd be a long night otherwise!

    Happy sewing....

  2. Ooh and I thought I was last to list! Those mini grannies look cute but the full sized ones gave me a headache!

    I shall watch in awe!

  3. Hi Katherine!
    So sorry about your flooding ordeal. That's enough to make anyone lose project momentum.

    But all three of you "to do's" are so pretty and I know will bring a lot of satisfaction to be able to call them done.

    Kimberly :)

  4. Ooh your mini grannies are gorgeous - I think you might be able to use some of the fabrics I'm sending you for a few more (tomorrow I promise). Sorry about the flooding - I owe you a billion emails - tomorrow too :)

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous projects! Happy stitching


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