Saturday, July 20, 2013

Patchwork, Please! Paper-Pieced Pencil Case...

in polka dots.
Big surprise, right?
You KNOW how much I LOVE linen and I LOVE polka dots - so why shouldn't they be put together as much as possible. ;o)
This too cute for words pencil case is one of the projects in  Patchwork, Please!
I needed a special birthday gift for a special little someone that will be starting school this fall and this project seemed the perfect answer.  Now that the gift has been received, I figured it was safe to share it here. ;o)

I look at these teeny weeny pieced pencils and I marvel.  First that they turned out so well (paper piecing is NOT something I've done very much of) and that they were easier than I had imagined.  Huge thanks to Ayumi for her darling pattern and wonderful instructions.  I would not have tackled this otherwise. LOL

As you may have noticed, I personalized my version of the pencil case.  I used rubber stamps and fabric markers.  Could it get any easier? ;o)
I also enlarged the sizes for the linen surrounding the paper pieced middle section of the pencil case.  I found Ayumi's sizes weren't quite large enough for an unsharpened pencil to slide into.  Not a big problem, I just knew that I didn't want the little hands that would be using this pencil case to get frustrated. ;o)
How's that stripe for a happy backing to the pencil case?  Loving those bright colours and the simple wavy lines I quilted for contrast.  I finished things off with a ribbon on the zipper pull and a bit of stamped twill tape in the side seam.  No chance this pencil case will be confused with anyone else in Halle's classroom. :o)


  1. What a great present!
    Love the little pencils!

  2. How cute is that pencil case!!! You've inspired me now.... I need to find an alphabet stamp set :)
    My daughter is 32 and she still loves getting a new pencil case.

  3. oh that is just adorable! I bet Japanese pencils are smaller than ours!

  4. Hi Katherine! I love this pencil case! Those paper pieceg pencils are so cute and stamped letters make the pouch perfect! x Teje

  5. I really like this! I'm a sucker for literal images made out of simple shapes, especially in sewing and other three-dimensional media. I wish I knew someone I could justify making this for ... like me, all my friends and close relatives work primarily on computers. You should put a picture of it on Kollabora, though! I'm positive someone there will want to try it.

  6. Love your pencil pouch! Your fabrics and quilting make it delightful!


  7. Really cute and a great way to personalize it with the stamped name.


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