Monday, July 8, 2013

Rolling with it

I thought we were past the chance of flooding this year, but this weekend proved how wrong that thought was. 
 Water started coming into our basement sometime Sat. night and early Sun. morning, our oldest son came to wake us to let us know he'd started moving things upstairs due to flooding in every room in the basement
 (including his room with the new hardwood floors his dad and him had installed). 
 The hardwood obviously had to be removed due to water damage after all his furniture and belongings were relocated upstairs.   We spent a long and busy day moving things out of the basement, tearing up hardwood and using the shop vac along with mop and bucket to keep up with the incoming water.  For the time being my oldest son has his bedroom set up in our living room and we're continuing to deal with water coming in (more rain this morning is not helping things.  I hope the rain ends so we can dry out!).  Anyways, I'm a little off-balance dealing with this and obviously didn't accomplish any sewing to share.
On a positive note, I thought I would  let you know that I decided (after too many woes with the PDF link to the pattern pieces) to take my
 Mini Back Pack Keychain and Coin Purse Tutorial
 and turn the whole thing into a PDF pattern. So, my apologies if you've tried to access the tutorial in the past 24 hours, I took it offline to prevent further frustrations.  I had hoped to get things back online sooner, but thanks to the flooding, I will need until tomorrow.  I appreciate your patience and understanding.   I really want to make it easier for everyone  wanting to sew one.  I know how frustrating it has been for those that could not access the pattern pieces off-site.  
Well, I'm off to put in a full day of installing with my hubby...
Wishing you all a happy Monday!


  1. Oh dear. I'm sorry the flooding has affected you now. Will the rain ever stop? Tim's sister in Calgary is back in her home, but with continuing water woes in the basement.

    Hugs and prayers.

  2. Oh my I am so sorry you have flooding issues to deal with. I am so sick of the rain here. It has rained almost nonstop for the past 3 weeks. everyday it rains stops rains, storms then rains again. The snakes are crawling horriably. I steped on one on the front lawn by the porch last Saturday luckily I managed to step on his and squashed him. God was looking out for me thier. I didn't even know it till I looked down and thought I saw something move.... Then hubby saw a 4 foot long huge black water snake by the swollen ditches on th side of the property a couple days ago. Wishing you all a lot of good luck with your water damages. Let shope the weatehr straightens up soon.

  3. oh bugger about the flooding.......hope things dry out for your very soon........

  4. Oh )(@#*$&)(@#$* I'm so sorry - I thought you guys were in the clear! I hope the damages are minimal and that the rain stops soon so you don't have further problems (or SNAKES!)!!!

  5. No more flooding i cant believe it k, is everything better now

  6. Oh Katherine I'm so sorry to hear you've had flooding .. Hope you dry out soon!

  7. Oh my... I am sorry to hear about the flooding in your house. Rats!
    It sure has been a rainy season this year.

    Hope it gets all fixed soon.



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