Monday, July 22, 2013

Still swooning

With only a yard of my chosen background fabric to start with, I was able to stitch up a couple more blocks for my version of the Swoon quilt.
  Looking over the fabrics I've chosen, I realize I have selected some directional prints, which may not look the best for this block, but which I  quite like and wanted to try. So, the second block is a test block of sorts... I wanted to see how a directional print would look.
Broken Herringbone from Madrona Road paired with Lecien's Flower Sugar in pink make my second block.

It's a little crazy looking... but in a fun way, I think. ;o)
Undaunted by the results, I went on to experiment with a small scale directional print for the third block  (the orange print used for the star has one-way dotted lines in its background).

Interesting comparison.  The large directional print is more obvious with its change of directions in the finished block while the small directional print is quite subtle, but I still like it. 
 Hmmm...  I have a couple more large directional prints in my fabric auditions for the quilt and hope they will translate as well.  I'll just have to wait until I receive my order for more background fabric before I can continue to swoon. Meantime, I can keep playing with pairing up fabrics for upcoming blocks. ;o)
Want to see how my first three blocks look together?  Amazing the changes that occur depending upon the fabric, isn't it?  I absolutely love seeing those changes and can hardly wait to stitch more blocks for this quilt. 

 How about you?  Are you swooning yet?


  1. Your blocks are beautiful - love the orange one especially :) I'm not swooning - I have the pattern but too hot to swoon and I shall be in England for most of August. Keep going - directional or non directional, they look gorgeous.

  2. arent' these wonderful. Along with Annabella, I especially like the orange one.

  3. Looking great, Katherine!
    I only did four in my quilt, and I think that as two years ago.

  4. I have been swooning about swooning for sometime. You may just be theist I need!


  5. Ooops that was meant to be just the push I need😊

  6. Those are gorgeous, Katherine!
    I love the effect of the herringbone print.

    Kimberly :)

  7. I'm almost ready to Swoon!! Just have to choose a background fabric :)
    I love your directional prints, I think it gives the block a bit of movement. None of my Swoon prints are directional so I'm having a lot of fun seeing yours!

  8. PSS... I had to come back and leave this link for you, Katherine.

    You'll be swooning more than ever!

    I'll tell you which two are my favs!
    Let me know yours.

  9. Oops...forgot to copy the link:


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