Thursday, July 4, 2013

Zakka-Along 2.0 : Patchwork Apron

I finally finished a third project for the Zakka Along 2.0.  I realize this was last week's project and that I skipped a project in the sequence, but I'm going along at my own pace and enjoying it.
This project gave me a chance to use some treasured Japanese fabrics and start fussy cutting!

The hardest part of the whole project was choosing fabrics for the patchwork. ;o)   I believe another apron is in my future, just so I can make more of the patchwork blocks!

I opted to make the main body of my apron wider than the size given in
Mostly because I like lots of wrap to my aprons.

 As happy as I was with how the patchwork blocks finished, I came to realize that I need more fabrics with small scale designs to work for fussy cutting projects like this.  There's something wonderfully charming about those Japanese prints, I think it's their scale and all the details in them.  Whatever is, I'm seriously going to add more to my stash for future patchwork projects.  You can't beat them for fussy cutting options.

If you want a quick, cute and easy to sew apron, I think Ayumi's design fits the bill!

Wonder if I can squeeze in some more Zakka sewing before the end of the week?
The results are so worth it!


  1. I love how your apron looks! Those blocks in your fabric choices are so cool looking!

  2. I forgot you were doing this Zakka along --- Ontario and Alberta are quite zakka-y today, aren't they? LOL!! The apron is gorgeous - especially the tiny little Red Riding Hood blocks that were obviously fussy cut!

  3. I just love your apron - one of my favs! Lovely patchwork, indeed, and I'm very fond of the dotty apron strings!

  4. Nice job, I have the blocks sewn and progress has stalled. :)

  5. it looks really lovely, the fabrics are perfect for it


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