Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Summer has a rhythm all its own, doesn't it?
Although crickets have been chirping on my blog for the past couple of weeks ;o)... don't be mislead, lots has been happening.  ( I bet you thought I went on holidays! LOL)
Life has been blooming!
 Our little garden is flourishing...

 tomatoes are finally starting to ripen,
 beans are growing quick as a wink
 and the basil has been seasoning many fresh summer dishes.
Summer is the season for fresh eating!
The local farmer's markets are in full swing,  which means I've been making my canning plans for the season and placing my orders for produce.  Hard to believe all those jars I filled last summer are almost all empty again!  Where does the time go? ;o)  Along with seasonal activities,  I've also been very busy in my sewing room.

There's  been some secret sewing going on....
A little glimpse of a new design I've come up with and can hardly wait to share.
Is summer just as busy for you?  I can hardly believe we're into August already and that my 23rd wedding anniversary was on Monday.  Crazy!
Whether your summer is busy, busy or filled with some R&R... I hope you're enjoying this gorgeous season!


  1. Your garden seems to be doing better than ours - we only have a small garden, but it doesn't seem to be very productive this year! Our pepper plants grew OK, but something has been eating the peppers. We've gotten a few cucumbers, but the plants are pretty barren - I don't think we'll get many more (we usually get them through September). The tomatoes seem to be doing OK, but they don't look as lush as they usually do. I think we had so much rain at the beginning of the season that it did a number on the plants. At least the rabbits seem to be having a field day!

    I wonder what your new design is - I have a guess, but I'll watch for further photos :D And happy anniversary - ours was Saturday (#28) - we went on a Niagara Falls run and hit 4 Joanns, had a lovely dinner @ Olive Garden, then got hammered for duty on the way back, LOL! A perfect day as far as I'm concerned!

  2. I did not comment for ages!!!!! Summer is/was (it'sraining today) hot and sunny so I was outside sitting under the tree!!!! I finished my applique quilt will post about it on sunday. Good luck with all the canning, imade bottles of cherrie juce!!!!!

  3. Love the flovers and the beautiful colors in that photo.
    I´m not spending a lot of time with my computer now, but I´ve got your comments and mail!
    Stora kramar!

  4. Great garden!! A lot of work.


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