Friday, September 20, 2013

A handful more...

I've been a good girl this week by spending a bit of time arranging my 1.5" scraps to make more granny square quilt blocks. 
 Why?  To make a king-size quilt of course.  Don't laugh (well, too hard, anyways ;o)
Okay, so it's not as if I haven't had moments of thinking the idea is totally crazy.  I mean, c'mon 5" blocks?  Then I make a block and fall in love all over again with the scrappy goodness of these pretty little things and my hope is revived and I think maybe, just maybe, this isn't crazy after all.
You know my weakness when it comes to fabric?
Totally smitten with every bright  colour that exists.  No surprise to see the rainbow assortment of blocks I have going on then, right? ;o)

The scary part of it all?  How long since my addiction with making granny blocks began.  
 I have Jolene to thank for this addiction (thanks, Jolene!!!). 
Joining the FAL at the beginning of the year, I thought would encourage progress on my crazy idea of turning scrappy 5" blocks into a king-size quilt.  Welll... great idea, but I've not been diligent in taking action like I should.  Still I want a quilt to go with these huge pillows made out of tiny granny blocks.  Which I LOVE.
  Currently, I'm up to 60 blocks.  Time to consider having a weekly quota of blocks for me to make.  Cause these grannies are just begging to become a quilt. ;o)


  1. The granny squares are absolutely lovely, they cry out to be part of a stunning quilt!!!

  2. I love Granny blocks and yours are going to be an incredible quilt!!!

  3. Not madness - just an addiction we can all understand! Love it and am tempted to follow suit! I have lots of scraps! But scared of starting another UFO!

  4. (I spy, with my little eye, another Sandra that Sews, lol!)

    The journey of a king sized quilt starts with just a single block - imagine the pretty journey that will be :D

  5. Lovely little squares. Your quilt will be gorgeous. Keep it up!

  6. Those are so cute, I am going to keep them in mind for a baby quilt. A king size will be amazing.

  7. You should try using them as a leader/ender project. I'm doing that with a scrap quilt and am up to about 100 blocks in just a few months.

  8. I love the riot of colour you have going on there. Bravo!

  9. They are absolutely adorable! I'm afraind to start because then i would use all my scraps for grannies! x Teje

  10. Love them, and you know that!!!

  11. I am so looking forward to seeing this one done, it's going to be amazing. I'm fighting the urge to break out my scraps and make a rainbow granny!


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