Sunday, September 1, 2013


Just like that, August is finished and September is here.  Hard to believe how fast that happened!  Maybe it's because life has been so busy or maybe it's because I'm getting old that time seems to pass so much more quickly. ;o)  Time to share a recent finish.
Although I haven't kept up with sewing each project, week by week with the
 Zakka-Along 2.0 using Ayumi's book, Patchwork, Please!,
 I did manage to complete this week's featured project.
  It's the Piece of Cake Shopping Bag (each week's project has a guest post to further inspire...check out Krista's version HERE).
I used medium weight canvas, paired with some quilting weight cotton for my version (rather than the suggested vinyl tablecloth for the lining). 
 Yes, this means my bag is not as structured as the one in the book, but I knew I'd be okay with that.  I prefer to be able to toss my shopping bags into the washing machine, so that's why I skipped using any sort of laminate fabric inside the bag.
I also decided to cover the webbing straps in a coordinating cotton and

to change up the pocket by using 6 strips instead of 5, (with 2 at half the width to the others) to make the patchwork pocket.  Again, just a personal preference.

Since I know I will be laundering my shopping bag, I opted to cover the only exposed seams in the bag with binding rather than to just pink it.  I love the nice clean finish this gives (and the chance for me to use another small hit of pretty fabric).

Also, just as Krista noted, I realized that the lining would fit easier into the bag if it was 1.5" shorter in height to those given in the cutting directions.  The book gives the lining and the exterior measurements at the same height, but I cut my lining pieces down by 1.5" and it went together beautifully (following the directions given in the book).  I made a note of the measurement discrepancy, so I won't forget when I make this bag again.  
The other error I caught in the instructions was in step 14... "wrong sides together", should actually read: "right sides together".  That makes more sense!
How about those fabrics?!  I rarely stick to one line of fabrics when I sew something, but the Erin McMorris Summersault line of fabrics seemed too perfect not to use for the straps, lining and

 drawstring top section of the bag.  Kind has a retro vibe and  adds some summer flair. ;o)
All in all, a fun and easy project to sew.
I actually took my new bag to the grocery store to give it a try.  Man, this baby will hold a lot! Still not sure if I will keep that drawstring top in the bag or just take it out.  I found it gets in the way of packing items into the bag.  I also tried placing the bag inside one of the shopping baskets that are provided at the stores, with the drawstring top of the bag folded up and over the edges of the basket (getting it out of the way of setting groceries in the bag)... sadly, this means you can't actually use the handles on the shopping basket.  Hmmm...

Anyways, I think my new bag should be perfect for hauling home produce from the farmer's market as I continue to can and freeze as much as possible for winter months ahead (which will be here in another "blink", I'm sure!). lol
Wishing you a Happy Labour Day Weekend!


  1. I like your bag very much and then I have to laugh a litte.
    We have the same sort of fabrics you and I!!!
    Mine are blue and green!!!
    Take care, dear friend!

  2. oh this turned out great! Love the fabrics you used - yes, perfect!

  3. Love your fabrics for your bag! I love that you covered the webbed handles. That's a great idea for sturdy handles but prettier by far! This is a great bag Katherine!

  4. This is such a nice bag.. I would love to make one for travel or storage fabric. love the raindrop print. I made a top for S awhile ago and it is too small to fit her now. Might need to recycle the print... have a great week~ xc


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