Sunday, September 22, 2013

Changing with the seasons

 It appears that I've "accidentally" started another quilt. ;o) 
How did that happen you wonder?
Maybe I just needed another WIP? haha...
I could blame it on a combination of the changing season (with its inspiring colours) or simply because I  replaced my summer pillow covers with these ones.
The softest pillows ever!  Can't beat fine wale corduroy and chenille for coziness.  Now they need a quilt to coordinate. ;o)

Add in the inspiration to be found in the Falling for Modern Maples Flickr group, it's not so surprising I couldn't help myself.
Anyways, I've jumped right in, by sewing...

Can't you picture swirling leaves with this combination? :o)

Block #1,
 Block #2,
I just love this Katie Jump Rope print.  I was lucky enough to receive this in a swap because I totally missed out on buying any when it was available.
 and Block #3.
Now, I admit that more would have been sewn, except for a shortage of that awesome background fabric.  Not to worry, though.  More is on the way from Fabric Spot. :o)
Block at left is 12" while Block on right is 9"
See how serious I am about making these?  I made blocks in 2 sizes...  initially to accommodate the little bit of background fabric I had to use.  Now I'm thinking I will continue to make different sized blocks as a design feature.  Ha!  ;o)
Here's a quick pull of fabrics selected for more blocks.  Not sure that all of these will make the cut, but it's so much fun to play!

Hey, why don't you join me?  The blocks are easy to sew and just think, you NEED a quilt for the cold weather ahead. Yes?  Yes. ;o)

The pattern for Modern Maples Throw Quilt by
  is from the book, Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays by
 John Adams. can also download this pattern for free, HERE.


  1. Hi Katherine! I would love to join you, because this looks so much fun! Your blocks and fabrics are beautiful. Because I love squares and triangles, this could be my next quilt project. I'm waiting some new fabrics from Kaffe Fassett to appear to 'Fat Quarter Shop' and perhaps buy them with my gift certificate.
    Your autumn pillows are beautiful! x Teje

  2. Love this! I've pulled fabrics for one but haven't started yet... October for sure!

  3. oh yeah - these are perfect!! Can't wait to see more!

  4. This is going to be wonderful Katherine. Keep going : )

  5. I canyon join in, I've way too much on the go.! I really love your choice of fabrics for the block. It's going to be very pretty!

  6. great colour palette. Your house must be full of gorgeous bright quilts!


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