Hey there, sunshine!

Just as I had hoped, I was able to finish my version of Rachel's quilt pattern, Impromptu, this week.  This quilt is a mix of sunny, bright colours that make me smile and will have me thinking of summer, year-round!
Right from the start, I knew this quilt was going to be fun -  there's so much colour!  Admittedly, this was my first time using a text print for the background and even though I had my moments of doubt, I'm glad I chose it.  It adds more than a solid white background in terms of visual interest and in really making the other colours look even more lively (if that's possible ...;o)

In for a penny, in for a pound... I kept the colour amped up when I chose this "popping" blue for the binding.  Definitely adds some extra sizzle. ;o)
Deciding how to quilt this took some serious contemplation and then once I figured out that the style should be "loose and flowing", I wondered if I could execute the idea using my domestic machine.  I was trying to mimic a woven fabric look with my quilting as this quilt has me thinking of summer picnics (which also explains my choice of red polka dots for the backing - don't they say "picnics" to you? ;o).  The vision I had in mind, was that my quilting would not compete with the design of the quilt by being too fussy or dense. 
 Each quilt I have made, I try to challenge myself to try different quilting designs.  For this design, I began by free hand quilting a wavy line the whole length of the top - bisecting the quilt.  Going in the same direction with each succeeding line, working towards the edge of the quilt.  Once I had one half quilted with wavy lines, I worked to do the same to the other have in the same manner.

  Previously, when quilting lines across a quilt, I would change directions with each line.  That led to some bunching issues, which I wanted to avoid and that's why I didn't change directions this time.  The added bonus of doing this method meant that the rolled up portion of the quilt that was on the machine bed was reduced with each successive line, making the quilt easier to manage as I went along.

I'm calling my version, Summer Sunshine!

I'm pretty pleased with the results - both in using a text print for a background fabric and in the quilting (I think I accomplished the loose and flowing look I was hoping for ;o).
  It also makes me very happy to have found the perfect pattern to showcase those treasured charms that my lovely friend,  Amanda Jean gifted me  (thanks again, sweet friend!  You know how much I love  Oh-Cherry-Oh).

she can quilt
Guess what?
My quilt was  on my FAL list for the third quarter, so I'm really happy to finally have something finished on that list.

It's also Friday, so I'm linking up my finish with Amanda Jean's Finish-it-up Fridays!
I've got family travelling here to spend the weekend with us, so I'm off to finish getting ready for our house guests. I'm looking forward to enjoying a weekend with extended family and want to wish you a lovely weekend as well.

Happy stitching!


  1. Gorgeous! The colors & quilting are fantastic!

  2. Kathrine, this is so beautiful and sunny as you said! I love the yellow text print and would like to use your great idea. Binding and quilting are perfect! Enjoy you weekend with friends! x Teje

  3. Oh, it´s beautiful!
    I love all your fabrics and the yellow text fabric is great!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Awesome. I love the fabric and the pattern. You did great on the quilting...simple and well stated! Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You are right about the text print! gorgeous quilt!

  6. Oh, Katherine, this is a great quilt pattern and your choice for fabrics is wonderful! Perfect decision for quilting as well. I really love the subtleness of that yellow text fabric.

  7. YAY (when I first put my fingers on the keyboard I had one on the wrong letters, and typed HAH instead of YAY, lol!) it's finished, it's gorgeous, it's fun and fresh! Love the quilting design - very organic but striking. The quilt doesn't remoind me of a cacophony though - it reminds me of quiet summer picnics - with lemonade :D

  8. Just in time before fall arrives. We needed this sunny quilt. gorgeous.......

  9. Ooh, the Seeds fabric is fabulous as the background! Great job, Katherine. It's beautiful!

  10. What a beautiful finish, sweet friend! Love the quilting! Love the red and white polka dots (of course)! And so glad that you found a way to use the treasured charms.

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  11. LOVE IT! That blue is perfect for the edging.

    You have the gift, dear girl!

  12. I love the yellow text background and everything else you did. It is such a cheerful quilt!

  13. Ooh la la this is fab. Love that blue binding! The quilting is very much perfect

  14. I've been waiting for this finish since I first saw your choice of background fabric on Flickr! I love it. Your choice of backing, binding and quilting couldn't have been better x

  15. Such a happy, sunshine-y finish! Love it! Your quilting suits it well. I've had my eye on that pattern for awhile; you may have just tipped me over the edge. :)

  16. How did I miss this?? I'm so behind in my blog reading. It's a lovely quilt, love the pattern and you did the right thing with the background fabric.


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