Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nearing a finish...

thanks to spending time over the long weekend machine quilting!
This quilt has been keeping me company on the design wall in my sewing room for most of the summer, so as much as I've enjoyed it's bright colours while I work on other projects, I'm glad to return to it and get it DONE. ;o)
I just need to complete hand stitching the binding and working in thread tails.
Love those Wonderclips for keeping my binding in place while I stitch!
Finally, it looks like I may soon have a finish to cross off

she can quilt



  1. I just love that quilt and the lovely fabrics!
    My favorite is the yellow background.
    Waiting to see it finished!

  2. I love those fabrics :D A finish is almost as good chocolate ... and better than crappy chocolate, LOL!

  3. I need to concentrate on my WIPs, go go go!

  4. Hand-finishing the binding is my favourite part. And those wonder clips are the jam!

    (Jam=best part of the doughnut)

  5. This will be fun to see in its finished glory!

  6. Oh, I've been waiting to see this one finished! Not long to go now!


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