Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Lucky me! I've got a lovely, rainy day at home to do a little sewing, so I can hardly wait to make some progress on a couple of projects.
I'm playing around with a little paper piecing for one small project...
and auditioning fabric combinations for  more granny square blocks needed to make a king-size quilt. 
This should keep me busy and happy for the rest of the day, especially when homemade soup is on the menu.  Mmmm... sewing and soup.  Oh, I love a good rainy day now and then!

What are you sewing today?
It's been awhile since I've done a WIP Wednesday post... so I'm delighted to be  


  1. Today I haven´t sewed a stitch!
    A good friend wisited me and we just talked and laughed for 4½ hours!
    Love your K, Katherine!
    Those Tula Pink-fabrics are fab!

  2. Hi Katherine! I love the letter on the linen and especially the blueberry fabric! Granny blocks are still on my list - yours are beautiful!
    I'm making birds but can't decide how to continue. I couldn't hand quilt for few days and had to start new project. x Teje

  3. Is that "K" for me? Ha ha!! Anxious to see what you will do with it. I was cutting a million 5" squares to work on a project at a get away this weekend coming up. I love the change of season, I feel like I am "allowed" to sew!

  4. I love a good rainy day too but we don't get them very often ;) Love your grannies!

  5. Currently I'm working on the first of toddler sized D9P QAYG quilts using the red/green Brrr! line by Laurie Wisbrun :D Got both cut out yesterday (recipients are twins) so will be working on these for a while :)

    My soup du jour is Lentil Soup - it's simmering on the stove right now - hubby LOVES lentils :D

    Is the K for ... Kayla? Katie? Kandice? Kerry? Kendra? Kylee? Kara? ;)

  6. love your K. and super cute granny squares

  7. Rainy days would be more fun if my house where in better shape, usually I have to play catch-up (somebody trashes the house while I am playing in the sun) on bad weather days, and then when I could sew the sun comes out and the cycle starts again ....
    Your letter is fantastic,and inspiring to create others!


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